Digital Donwload


Download Panteao’s videos and add them to your digital collection.
Watch them on your PC or Mac, Android, and Apple iOS devices anywhere, anytime!


  1. Download and install the Free RLX Video Player on your PC or Mac, Apple iOS smartphone or iPad, or on your Android powered smartphone or tablet.
  2. Open the player and enter the email and password that you used for your Panteao Digital Download purchase.
  3. Once logged in to the player, you can download the video to your device. Make sure you have an internet connection until the video is finished downloading.

The RLX Media Player

You will notice that on each title you will see a little gray cloud or nothing at all. This simply tells you whether the video has been downloaded to your device or if it is in your account in the cloud. If it has been downloaded to your device and you see no cloud, then you do not need a wifi connection to watch the video. If you see the cloud then you need to download the video to watch it and then you would no longer need a WIFI connection.

At any time you can delete the content on your RLX Media Streaming Player to create room for more to be downloaded. The content will be kept on your cloud for the length of your license.

Please note: the Panteao Digital License is for a maximum of 3 devices.

You can download the RLX Media Player from the links below:

PC (Windows)

Download RLX Player from the following link, install it and redeem code. Requires Intel/AMD based Windows XP or newer.

Mac (OS X)

Use the browser on your Mac (Intel based OS X 10.7 or newer) and enter the following link to install RLX Player.

Android Tablets and Smartphones

Use your Android device to open Google Play, install RLX Player and redeem code.

Apple iPad and iPhone

Use your device (iOS 8 or newer) to open the AppStore, install RLX PLayer and redeem code.

Need Technical Help?

Making the request directly from within the player will help our team resolve your problem as quickly as possible. To submit a request, open the player, select Help from the menu, and then choose Contact support. Please enter a detailed description of the problem along with any error messages or other information that could help us understand or reproduce the issue. Providing the exact steps to reproduce the issue is the most helpful. Make certain the checkbox/switch is enabled to allow support related information to be sent and click Send.

In the event you cannot send a request via the player, send an email to