Discontinued Video Titles

Make Ready with Travis Haley videos discontinued

When Travis Haley publicly stated that the Magpul videos he previously “created, produced, and directed” should not be purchased from Magpul because they are now 7 years old, that did not sit well with us. The videos Panteao Productions filmed with Travis were released in 2011. At what point would those videos be deemed outdated? Should every instructional video come with an expiration date? We don’t think so.

It’s the position of Panteao Productions that training videos do not come with an expiration date. While doctrine may change over the years and techniques may fall out of fashion, it’s still important to document an instructor’s course and training techniques. It’s a piece of history, giving us insight to what was taught at the time and why. In addition, the fundamentals are always the core of any firearms instruction. Unless humans sprout a third arm or leg, the fundamentals will remain the same.

The decision was made to discontinue the Travis Haley videos and remove them from the Panteao website. They were pulled on January 1, 2015. We wish Travis well in his ventures.

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