Dave Spaulding is a professional firearms instructor with 36 years experience in Law Enforcement and Federal Security including patrol, crime scene investigations, court security, violent and property crime investigations, undercover operations, SWAT, training and dignitary protection. The recipient of the 2010 Law Enforcement Trainer of the Year Award from the International Law Enforcement Trainer and Educators Association (ILEETA) and Law Officer Magazine, Dave has graduated from many of the most prestigious LE training programs and has trained students from around the globe in numerous realistic combat handgun courses.

Course Info

Course: Advanced Combative Pistol
Instructor: Dave Spaulding
Date: March 2-3
Days: 2
Time: 8:30am to 4:00pm
Cost: $450
Location: Panteao Facility, 2040 Pine Plain Road, Swansea, SC 29160

Formerly enhanced, this course is designed to begin where Combative Pistol left off. It is for the shooter who has a solid base of essential skills but now must learn how to use them in the pandemonium of armed conflict. This course will focus on movement with purpose in conflict. Movement is more than just short lateral steps, it is moving dynamically, planting quickly, and shooting accurately. This course will show you how to do this.


A quality handgun (a spare is not a bad idea), a quality duty or concealment holster for same, three magazines with pouches or two speed-loaders (revolver use) with pouches, belt designed to support gear, 600 rounds MINIMUM, eye and ear protection, billed cap is recommended, clothing for weather conditions, water for hydration, a folding or camp chair is recommended, a concealing garment is recommended and required for CONCEALED PISTOL. Any personal gear you prefer.

Make Ready Training Payment Policy:

At the time of registration you can select to pay a 50% deposit or the full amount to secure your position in the class. If you pay a deposit, the remaining balance will be due 30 days from the class start date. You will receive an email from Panteao with a link to pay the balance. If you register thirty days or less from the class start date, you must pay the full amount of the class at time of registration.

Payment Methods Accepted:

Make Ready Training Refund Policy:

If you notify Panteao 30 days or more prior to your class start date, you will receive a full refund. Under 30 days the payment will be non-refundable. However, the payment can be applied towards a different available class. Please contact us if you need to switch a class.

Cancellation Policy:

If the class is cancelled, your full deposit will be refunded or the deposit can be applied to another class.


Ammunition can be purchased at the Panteao Pro-Shop. Please check in with us prior to your class in order to ensure ammunition in the caliber you need will be in stock.

In accordance with International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) Regulations, only U.S. Citizens will be accepted to participate in Panteao hosted training courses.

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