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Volume 4 – “Ammo” Power of the Pistol

The name Jeff Cooper has for years been synonymous with teaching the modern use of firearms. Considered the father of modern defensive pistolcraft, Jeff Cooper was renowned not only for his practical instruction on defensive weaponcraft and safety, but also for his groundbreaking ideas on defensive mental conditioning.

Originally produced in 1986, Jeff Cooper’s Defensive Pistolcraft Series offers a unique look at the core concepts that are the foundation of the Modern Technique of Pistolcraft. The series is broken down into four volumes:

Volume 1: Defensive Pistol Handling
Volume 2: Pistol Readiness and Marksmanship
Volume 3: Mindset
Volume 4: Ammo: Power of the Pistol

In Volume 4, Jeff Cooper reviews a brief history of firearms, handgun ammunition and measuring the power of a projectile.

For the Digital Download version, CLICK HERE.

Please Note: This video is presented in a format preserving the 4:3 aspect ratio of its original standard definition recording. The audio and video have been cleaned up as best as possible. You may need to adjust your volume level higher when watching this video.

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