Make Ready Handgun Drills Part 2


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The Panteao Make Ready Handgun Drills are a compilation of drills from the different Panteao instructors. Now you have ready access to a reference library of handgun based drills, all in one place.

Handgun Drills Part 2:
1. Dave Harrington – Siebel Drill
2. Dave Harrington – Proximity Drill
3. Dave Harrington – High Security Position Drill
4. Dave Harrington – Iron Cross Drill
5. Paul Howe – Rhythm Drill
6. Paul Howe – Two Shots Two Targets
7. Paul Howe – Two Strong Hand Two Support Hand
8. Bill Rogers – Strong Hand Drill
9. Bob Vogel – El Presidente
10. Dave Spaulding – Skill Drills
11. Pat McNamara – 500 Point Aggregate
12. Pat McNamara – Nat Match Mod
13. Pat McNamara – El Pres
14. Gunsite – School Drills
15. Robert Keller – Immediate Action


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