Make Ready with Bob Vogel: Mastering IDPA

Runtime: 01hr, 13min
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Here is an opportunity to get one-on-one training from Robert Vogel, a world class shooter and National Champion in both IDPA and USPSA. In Mastering IDPA, Robert helps you build upon your existing shooting skills. He covers use of cover garments, IDPA targets & scoring, drawing from concealment, drawing seated, IDPA reloads, shooting and moving from cover, coming into and out of position, slicing the pie, shooting on the move, the IDPA classifier, and more. Robert shows you ways to shorten your times, tighten your shots, and overall improve your scores.



Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Make Ready with Bob Vogel: Mastering IDPA

  1. Robert Alexander

    Whether you are new to IDPA or a veteran, you can learn something from this video. I love Bob Vogel’s no-nonsense approach to mastering success in IDPA. Each lesson in the video builds into a progression that is easy to learn. I highly recommend to all competitive shooters – particularly newbies.

  2. Gonzalo Senosiain

    Every one who wants to get into competitive shooting most see all of vogels videos

  3. Levi

    Very informative. I was very disappointed to find that much of the material from “World Class Pistol” and this dvd is EXACTLY the same…as in the same footage copy and pasted. Good DVD, but buy one or the other.

  4. Clayton

    If you’ve ever seen Vogel in action in real life, then you’ll want to own every DVD he makes. Great DVD!

  5. afo

    Another title by Bob Vogel I reviwed, Hoping to use competitive techniques from a World Class shooter In my career field. It holds merit because Bob Vogel is also a Police Officer.

  6. Steven Nunes

    Make Ready with Bob Vogel: Mastering IDPA is another Excellent Training Video from Panteao Productions. If you are considering becoming an IDPA competitor or if you just want to improve your shooting skills then this video is for you. Bob Vogel does a Fantastic Job of giving an overview of the IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association). He cover the equipment that you will need (Holster, Mag Pouches, Cover Garment, etc.) and goes over some of the basics of shooting focusing primarily on Gripping the Handgun. Bob discuses IDPA specific concepts like Shooting from Cover, Tactical Priority and Tactical Sequence. He also discuses different types of reloads (Speed Reload, Tactical Reload, and Reload with Retention) and shooting while moving. The best part of this video is Bob’s Overview and Demonstration of the IDPA Classifier.

  7. Jose Ibarra

    Where is chapter 2? Also, instructor seems stoic.

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