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Qinna (or Chin Na) is the Chinese martial art of seizing and controlling an opponent’s joints, muscles, ligaments, or tendons, thus neutralizing his ability to fight.

Applied against an attacker armed with a knife, Qinna is a ferocious and efficient way for both the soldier on the battlefield and a fighter on the street to prevail when unarmed. Today there is a great misconception fueled by MMA over what constitutes true combatives grappling, such as Qinna. Unlike the sport arena governed by rules, Qinna savagely applies devastating forms of progressive anatomy destruction from a standing position, not the ground. In so doing, Michael Benjamin shows how Qinna far surpasses the effectiveness of sport grappling and is thus ideally suited for combat situations where sheer survival, and not money, trophies, or fame, is the desired outcome.

In Qinna against the Knife, Benjamin, a 30-year practitioner of the martial arts, expands on the lessons from his first video, Qinna with the Knife, by showing how to triumph in a knife encounter when unarmed. From wrist-locks to elbow destruction, from vertical takedowns to horizontal throws, from lock-flow to the strategic use of the environment, this video teaches reliably brutal methods of defeating a bladed foe when you are disadvantaged by being empty-handed.

This video was originally produced by Paladin Press and is now presented by Panteao Productions.

RUNTIME: 2 hrs, 38 min

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