Make Ready with Dave Spaulding: Situational Combative Pistol

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With this video, Dave Spaulding gets into more advanced techniques for defending yourself with a handgun. It’s an excellent follow up to his previous title, Combative Pistolcraft Essentials. Dave Spaulding is a professional firearms instructor with 36 years experience in Law Enforcement and Federal Security including patrol, crime scene investigations, court security, violent and property crime investigations, undercover/surveillance operations, SWAT, training and dignitary protection. In this video Dave starts with a review of the essentials. Then he continues with turning to the threat, multiple target engagement, close contact, kneeling, prone and supine, one hand manipulation, point shooting versus sighted fire, seated shooting, skill building drills, and more.



Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Make Ready with Dave Spaulding: Situational Combative Pistol

  1. Gonzalo Senosiain

    The best instructor Panteao Has, he knows what he is talking about, great tips and he leaves the tacticool and instead focuses on realistics!
    You should see all of his videos

  2. Scott Turner

    Far from the best Panteao instructor.

  3. Levi

    Dave is a great instructor. He is fun to listen to and has a straight forward, open minded approach.

  4. Clayton

    I really like this series coupled with those from Mussad’s videos. Combined with some of the other DVD’s featured by Panteao, you can build a great training arsenal.

  5. Russ Anderson

    Not sure why the one review said “far from the best”. That is a very subjective statement. Mr Spualding is an excellent instructor and tells it how it is. may not be for the Hollywood crowd. But he damn sure knows what he is doing and I’m sure if you take a class or watch for yourself you will agree he ranks high up on the list of respected instructors. See for yourself

  6. Steve

    Another solid basic-pistol vid from Dave. Dave is a good instructor.

  7. Ruben

    Another great video from the Spaulding collection. As far as pistol videos go, his collection is bar none the most comprehensive, detailed, and advantageous.

  8. Steven Nunes

    Make Ready with Dave Spaulding: Situational Combative Pistol is one in a series of 6 Excellent Training Videos offered by Panteao Productions that feature Dave Spaulding. I believe this is the second in the series and it does an excellent job of building on the concepts from the first video and then moving into Advanced Skills. In this video, Dave Spaulding demonstrates different shooting positions, one-handed firearms manipulation, and multiple threat engagement. This video and the other 5 in the series will make a Great Addition to your video library!

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