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Isometric Trunk Metcon

Walk, Run or Bike 5 min
General Range of Motion Warm-up

A1. Pause Squats 3×8-10; Pausing :02 at the bottom;
A2. Pause Push-ups 3×8-10; Pausing :02 at the top, as if
holding the plank
A3. Hollow Rock 3×8-10
A4. Oblique twist (lying on back) 3×8-10; Focus on good movement; Rest :30

B. 20 minute walk or bike or swim. If possible, go outdoors to complete this exercise.
Move at a pace that creates a sweat, but does not exhaust you. Your heart rate should rise above your resting heart rate.
Depending upon your cardiovascular-respiratory endurance, your heart rate may vary.

General mobility

Workout Goals:
To learn or reset your proper movement patterns and to build work capacity and trunk strength.