Colt 1911

Behind The Scene : Colt 1911 Shoot

DSC_0022 [1024x768]
DSC_0002 [1024x768]
DSC_0014 [1024x768]
DSC_0019 [1024x768]
DSC_0030 [1024x768]
DSC_0494 [1024x768]
DSC_0496 [1024x768]
DSC_0498 [1024x768]
DSC_0499 [1024x768]
DSC_0501 [1024x768]
DSC_0504 [1024x768]
DSC_0517 [1024x768]
DSC_0541 [1024x768]
DSC_0548 [1024x768]
DSC_0554 [1024x768]
DSC_0569 [1024x768]
DSC_0589 [1024x768]
DSC_0595 [1024x768]
DSC_0599 [1024x768]
DSC_0600 [1024x768]
DSC_0602 [1024x768]
DSC_0610 [1024x768]
DSC_0616 [1024x768]
DSC_0621 [1024x768]
DSC_0623 [1024x768]
DSC_0635 [1024x768]
DSC_0646 [1024x768]
DSC_0666 [1024x768]
DSC_0687 [1024x768]
DSC_0706 [1024x768]
DSC_0711 [1024x768]
DSC_0720 [1024x768]
DSC_0732 [1024x768]
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