[{"title":"John Lovell","instructors_content":"","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":[""]},{"title":"“Dutch” Chris Moyer","instructors_content":"","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":[""]},{"title":"Lewis Lundy","instructors_content":"","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":[""]},{"title":"TACMED Solutions","instructors_content":"","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":[""]},{"title":"Ken Stretz","instructors_content":"","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":[""]},{"title":"Keith Garcia","instructors_content":"Keith has been a California police officer for 20 years, holding various positions in the department, his favorite being the SWAT team leader. In 2004, Keith started competitive shooting, primarily entering handgun and LEO only SWAT matches. In 2008, he began shooting 3-Gun competitions, and never looked back.\r\n\r\nKeith won the first ever 3-Gun Nation (3GN) shoot-off held at the famed Superstition Mountain 3-Gun match in Arizona in both 2010 and 2011. During the 2012 season he had his first major match victory at the first ever 3GN \"Pro Series\" event in Florida. Keith was pleased to have finished 3rd overall in the Pro Series that season. In addition, Keith won the 3-Gun Nation Championship shoot-off in Las Vegas and was awarded a $55,000 cash purse. \r\n\r\nAside from his 3-Gun accomplishments, Keith is a respected firearms instructor having conducted master-class training for students all over the United States.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":[""]},{"title":"Rick Hogg","instructors_content":"Rick Hogg is the owner of War HOGG Tactical, Inc. and is a 29 year US Army Special Operation Combat Veteran that has taken his 13 combat deployment, both Iraq and Afghanistan, and teaching experience as a Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat instructor and harnessed them into a proven training methodology service company, War HOGG Tactical, Inc.\r\n\r\nWar HOGG Tactical, Inc. offers professional comprehensive mobile firearms, tactical and K9 training to law abiding civilians, military and law enforcement agencies through combat proven techniques and experience to improve the students skill ability. War HOGG also conducts product development and product field testing along with a verity of consulting services in the defense and firearms industry. \r\n\r\nFor more info go to warhogg.com, Instagram @warhoggtactical Facebook War HOGG Tactical, Inc or YouTube War HOGG Tactical, Inc\r\nYou can also check out Rick\u2019s retired Military Working Dog Duco on Instagram @wardoggduco","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":[""]},{"title":"Jamey Caldwell","instructors_content":"Sergeant Major (r) Jamey Caldwell, spent more than 21 years in the United States Army, serving his entire career in Special Operations. SGM Caldwell served 7 years with the 75th Ranger Regiment then spent the following 14 years in a Special Missions Unit that maintained a high operational tempo in Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and numerous other countries in the world. He has deployed to combat 14 times and has conducted well over 500 missions. SGM Caldwell has been awarded three medals for valorous actions in combat while under direct fire from the enemy. During his career SGM Caldwell has consistently dedicated himself to the success of the mission and put the unit\u2019s goals in front of his own. He has been sought after for his leadership skills, planning, leading combat operations, marksmanship and CQB instruction, culminating from years of adaptive thinking in combat situations.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":[""]},{"title":"Geoffrey Wayland","instructors_content":"Raised on a remote farm in the Northern Cape of South Africa \u2013 a farm that\u2019s been in his family since 1867 \u2013 Professional Hunter Geoffrey Wayland started hunting when he was seven years old. When his father passed, Geoffrey took over the family outfitting service \u2013 Fort Richmond Safaris \u2013 and has been working as a professional hunter and outfitting safaris for plains and dangerous game all over Africa for more than a dozen years.\r\n\r\nArmed with an infectious personality and hunting skills that rival the bushmen of old, Wayland quickly made his mark. With a retuning client rate any professional hunter would be envious of, Geoffrey remains humble and dedicated to delivering a family \u2013 hunting camp-like \u2013 African experience. When you hunt at Fort Richmond Safaris you dine at his family table, with his wife and kids.\r\n\r\nWayland is also recognized for his ability to deliver custom tailored safaris; Fort Richmond Safaris has become a trusted outfitter of the gun and hunting industry. They have hosted hunts for Trijicon, Mossberg, Remington, and Sig Sauer, and hosted several episodes of Michael Bane\u2019s Shooting Gallery. Fort Richmond Safaris is also the home of the Annual Scout Rifle Safari, which is now in its fourth year. Most recently, Wayland and his team of professionals at Fort Richmond organized and outfitted Season One of the Amazon Prime series, WILDCraft: South Africa.\r\n\r\nHis time afield guiding clients of all nationalities has given Wayland much experience, but so has his work handloading ammunition, testing bullets, and working with culling teams. Geoffrey is an avid student of ballistics and is noted for his opinion that, \u201cIt\u2019s the placement of the pin prick, not the swing of the sledgehammer.\u201d\r\n\r\nProminent outdoor\/gun writer Richard Mann, who has been hunting in Africa for more than a decade, summed Wayland up this way. When it was time for my 17-year-old son to hunt buffalo, I knew there was only one professional hunter I would trust. Geoffrey Wayland is the most skilled hunting guide I\u2019ve ever shared the field with.\u201d Wayland\u2019s most famous quote is that, \u201cYou should take what Africa gives you.\u201d and any hunter who has been on multiple safaris knows this to be sound advice.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":[""]},{"title":"Ron Spomer","instructors_content":"Writer, photographer, video producer, and television host (Winchester Legends, Whitetail Revolution and others) Ron Spomer has been pursuing, studying, photographing and hunting everything from rabbits to buffalo on six continents. He\u2019s been published thousands of times in well over a hundred different periodicals plus dozens of websites including his own, RonSpomerOutdoors.com. You\u2019ve also probably read more than a few of his articles in American Hunter, Rifle, Sports Afield, Sporting Classics, Outdoor Life or dozens of other magazines. Perhaps you\u2019ve read one of his seven published books.\r\n\r\nA native of the South Dakota pheasant fields, Spomer cut his hunting teeth on uplands birds, waterfowl, and cornfield whitetails before moving west to prowl the mountains from Mexico to Alaska in search of elk, caribou, moose, sheep, goats, bears and every species of upland game bird, duck and goose. He then expanded his range east to Africa and Asia, south to Argentina, Australia, and New Zealand, reveling in the beauty and abundance of Nature in all her guises.\r\n\r\nA certified NRA rifle instructor, Spomer regularly reviews guns, ammo, and optics, writing dozens of articles each year on all aspects of bullets, ballistics, firearms, and field tactics.\r\n\r\nOver the years Spomer\u2019s work has been recognized with many awards including the Leupold Outdoor Writer of the Year, Zeiss Outdoor Writer of the Year, and Bushnell Bill McRae Lifetime Achievement.\r\n\r\nA dyed-in-wool country boy, Spomer lives on Dancing Springs Ranch in the Rocky Mountain West where he manages his private shooting facilities as well as the native sage-steppe habitat. Mule deer, elk, moose, pheasants, sharptailed grouse, ruffed grouse, and numerous songbirds keep him, his hunting dogs, wife, and extended family company.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":[""]},{"title":"Hilton Yam","instructors_content":"Hilton Yam is a retired FBI Special Agent. During a career of over 21 years in the Miami Field Office, one the FBI\u2019s largest and busiest, he was assigned to bank robbery, fugitives, and firearms training. He spent 19 years on SWAT and served as his team\u2019s principal instructor for firearms, CQB, and tactics. Hilton is also an FBI certified Firearms Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Senior Tactical Instructor, Rappel Master, and ALERRT Active Shooter Response Instructor.\r\n\r\nBetween his time in firearms training and SWAT, Hilton oversaw the expenditure of over half a million rounds per year. Hilton carried a 1911 for a majority of his SWAT career, and was also responsible for oversight of his team\u2019s fleet of pistols. The team\u2019s high training and operational tempo imparted him with significant experience into what made a 1911 succeed or fail in the service environment.\r\n\r\nHilton was a founding member of 10-8 Consulting, a training and industry consulting company. He was also a founding member of 10-8 Forums, a tactical discussion website where participants used their true names, thus lending credibility to the information discussed. Hilton later went on to start the Modern Service Weapons blog, where he was one of the main authors.\r\n\r\nHilton has been around 1911s since the early 1980's, when he was an active IPSC competitor well before the formation of USPSA. He had always been drawn to the latest developments in 1911s, and was among the first in his club to use a Devel 8 round magazine (a very revolutionary development at the time), as well as being on the forefront of his region's development of high capacity optic mounted race guns.\r\n\r\nHilton started out by building 1911s in his off-duty time, but the rigors of his career and unpredictable nature of SWAT callouts inhibited a steady outflow of custom gun work. In 2006, Hilton\u2019s experience with the 1911 led him to establish 10-8 Performance, a company specializing in premium components and sights for the 1911 as well as other handguns.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":[""]},{"title":"Larry Vickers","instructors_content":"Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical is a retired US Army 1st SFOD- Delta combat veteran with years of experience in the firearms industry as a combat marksmanship instructor and industry consultant. In recent years he has hosted several tactical firearms related TV shows. Currently Larry presents videos on the Vickers Tactical Youtube channel of which Bravo Company is the presenting sponsor. Larry Vickers special operations background is one of the most unique in the industry today; he has been directly or indirectly involved in the some of the most significant special operations missions of the last quarter century. During Operation Just Cause he participated in Operation Acid Gambit \u2013 the rescue of Kurt Muse from Modelo Prison in Panama City, Panama. As a tactics and marksmanship instructor on active duty he helped train special operations personnel that later captured Saddam Hussein and eliminated his sons Uday and Qusay Hussein. In addition, he was directly involved in the design and development of the HK416 for Tier One SOF use, which was used by Naval Special Warfare personnel to kill Osama Bin Laden. Larry Vickers has developed various small arms accessories, with the most notable being his signature sling manufactured by Blue Force Gear, Glock accessories by Tangodown, and 1911 specific products by Wilson Combat. In addition he has maintained strong relationships with premium companies within the firearms industry such as Blue Force Gear, BCM, Aimpoint, CCWSafe, Wilson Combat, and Tangodown. He has developed and offered a line of Vickers Tactical Glock pistols sold exclusively thru Lipseys Inc.. He is also author of the Vickers Guide series of firearm books. Larry Vickers travels the country conducting combat marksmanship classes for law abiding civilians, law enforcement and military.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["https:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/10\/Larry-Vickers-Main-Pic-2.jpg"]},{"title":"Mike Boyle","instructors_content":"Mike Boyle has been a firearms and use of force instructor for 37 years. He served with New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife, Bureau of Law Enforcement where he held the rank of Captain. He was the primary trainer of his agency for 22 years and is certified instructor in multiple firearms, chemical agent, impact weapon and empty hand disciplines. Mike has been an assistant police academy director and an adviser to the Police Training Commission on firearms training issues. He continues to maintain his certification as a police academy rangemaster and firearms instructor and his responsibilities include providing basic training as well as instructor level courses.\r\n\r\nFor over 30 years, Mike has been a contributor to various law enforcement and firearms periodicals and has written in excess of 700 published articles on weapons, training and tactics. He served on the Board of Directors of The International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors for 21 years where he conceptualized and implemented the IALEFI Master Instructor Development Program. Currently he is employed as a law enforcement training specialist with the Bureau of Law Enforcement.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["https:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/Instructor-Mike-Boyle.jpg"]},{"title":"Richard Nance","instructors_content":"Richard has been a police officer for 21 years. A former SWAT Team Leader, Richard currently instructs shooting, defensive tactics, and several other tactical disciplines in addition to his current assignment as a Detective. Richard has an extensive martial arts background and holds the rank of Nidan (2nd-degree black belt) in Shudokan Karate. He is an Unarmed Combatives Instructor, certified by Kelly McCann. Richard contributes regularly to Guns & Ammo magazine and is the Self-Defense Editor for Handguns magazine. He authored the book, gunFIGHT! - An integrated approach to shooting and fighting in close quarters. Richard co-hosts the TV series, Handguns & Defensive Weapons.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["https:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/Instructor-Richard-Nance.jpg"]},{"title":"Tom Spooner","instructors_content":"","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["https:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/03\/Tom-Spooner-main-pic.jpg"]},{"title":"Major John L. Plaster","instructors_content":"Major John L. Plaster, USAR (ret.), served three 1-year tours in Southeast Asia with the top secret Special Forces covert operations unit, MACV-SOG. Qualified as a paratrooper and a Green Beret weapons and communications NCO, he led intelligence-gathering recon teams deep behind enemy lines in Laos and Cambodia on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Plaster\u2019s 22 cross-border missions include one of SOG\u2019s most successful, the night ambush of a North Vietnamese truck convoy and seizure of an important enemy prisoner in Laos. Wounded once and decorated for heroism four times, in 1970 Plaster was selected to fly with USAF Forward Air Controllers, and accumulated more than 350 aerial combat missions, as well. Leaving Vietnam as a staff sergeant, due to his extensive combat experience he received a direct commission as a reserve officer. Under the GI Bill he attended the University of Minnesota, earning a Bachelor\u2019s Degree in Journalism.\r\n\r\nCombining his SOG experiences at stealth, camouflage and stalking with his postwar experiences as a competitive shooter and State Marksmanship Coordinator, in 1983 he co-founded the National Guard Sniper School which quickly became a major national training program, instructing hundreds of students from all military services and many law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, the U.S. Customs Service, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Spanish Foreign Legion. After retirement he continued to instruct for police agencies \u2013 from Alaska to Florida and California to Connecticut --including a four-year stint as a Precision Rifle Instructor at the prestigious Gunsite Training Center. He twice served as the Chief of Competition for the U.S. and European Military and Police Sniping Championships, personally designing the targets and running the matches.\r\n\r\nIn addition to guest lecturing at various Special Operations schools and the U.S. Army\u2019s Command & General Staff College, he has authored six books and designed a sniper rifle stock and several pieces of shooting gear. In 1997 he received the Bernal Diaz Award for writing that year\u2019s best non-fiction military book, and a year later was named, \u201cMan of the Year\u201d by the Special Forces Association for his prominent role in refuting Cable News Network (CNN) allegations that Special Forces had used nerve gas and committed war crimes in Laos. Plaster\u2019s foreign service includes two deployments to Norway, where he trained with that country\u2019s armed forces; a 1986 stint in Central America which included service as an official observer to El Salvador\u2019s parliamentary elections and meetings in Honduras with Contra guerrilla leaders; and his 1979 two-week, civilian clothes visit to Pyongyang, North Korea, where he was shadowed day and night by hostile counter-intelligence officers. In 2004 the USAF Air Commando Association inducted him into their Hall of Fame, the first Army member ever so honored. Four years later, he was inducted into the U.S. Army Special Forces Hall of Fame at Ft. Bragg, NC, only the 22nd Green Beret ever so honored. After insurgent sniping became a major problem in Iraq, Maj. Plaster assisted the Defense Department in suggesting counter-strategies and techniques.\r\n\r\nIn recent years, he has been a national media source for sniping information. During the 2002 D.C. sniper case, for example, he appeared live on Fox News and correctly said that there most likely were two perpetrators, and neither one was actually a sniper. Maj. Plaster has appeared in a dozen documentaries for the History Channel, Discovery Channel and British television, and continues to work on books and firearms-related research. He is a life member of the Special Forces Association, the Special Operations Association and the Air Commando Association, a member of New York\u2019s Brook Club, and an honorary life member of the Ft. Worth Airpower Council.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["https:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/03\/John-Plaster-Main-Image.jpg"]},{"title":"Kyle Lamb","instructors_content":"Sergeant Major (retired) Kyle Lamb spent over 21 years in the United States Army, with over 15 of that in Special Operations SMU. He has participated in many conflicts including Desert Storm, Bosnia, Iraq, as well as in the battle made famous by the movie Black Hawk Down in Mogadishu, Somalia. Kyle is the Founder and President of Viking Tactics, a tactical training and gear business. He is also a member of Warriors Heart Foundation. Kyle appears on several television shows and has written books called, Green Eyes and Black Rifles, Stay in the Fight, and his latest book, Leadership in the Shadows.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["https:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/03\/Main-Kyle-Lamb-Pic.jpg"]},{"title":"Michael Benjamin","instructors_content":"Rockford, Illinois native Michael Benjamin is a 32-year veteran of the martial arts. He has been professionally employed in such fields as bouncing, corrections, and street outreach where his skills have been put to the test of reality. He holds a 4th degree black sash in Kang-Nei-Chin Shaolin Chung-Kuo Ch\u2019uan Kung-Fu and a Yondan (4th degree black belt) in Shorei Goju Kempo Karate. He is one of only a handful of people in the world awarded a Shodan (black belt) in Juko-Ryu Jodo (short staff art). He is the only man in Illinois certified as a Level-5 Full Instructor in Grandmaster Kelly S. Worden\u2019s Natural Spirit International (NSI), the official hand-to-hand combat system for the U.S. Army\u2019s First Special Forces Group (Ft. Lewis, WA.), and as such, is the sole NSI affiliate for Illinois.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/01\/Mike_Benjamin_pic.png"]},{"title":"Jim Cirillo","instructors_content":"Jim Cirillo served in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War. Jim went on to join the New York City Police Department where he was a police officer from 1954 to 1976. While with the NYPD Jim spent five years (1968-1973) on the controversial \"Stakeout Unit\" (SOU). Jim Cirillo survived seventeen armed encounters while serving on the SOU. After retiring from the NYPD, Jim became a firearms instructor for the US Customs Service and then for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC).\r\n\r\nAfter retiring from law enforcement in 1991 Jim went on to a successful career as a private firearms instructor. In 1996 Jim wrote the book, \u201cGuns, Bullets, and Gunfights\u201d.\r\n\r\nJim Cirillo died in a car crash in 2007 in Upper State New York.\r\n\r\n\u201cThere is no better way to learn practical defensive shooting tactics and techniques than from an experienced instructor who has been there. Jim Cirillo has been there.\u201d \u2013 Ray Chapman","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/12\/Jim-Cirillo-main-pic.png"]},{"title":"Richard Mann","instructors_content":"Richard Mann was born and raised in West Virginia and has hunted from the Montana Mountains to the green hills of Africa. With his experiences in the field and his military and law enforcement background, Richard might be considered a mountain man of the new millennia.\r\n\r\nRichard worked as a firearms instructor during his time in the military, and while serving as a patrol officer and a special agent for the Railroad Police. He has competed competitively with the pistol, winning the West Virginia Army National Guard Pistol Match in 1999 and the West Virginia Governor\u2019s Twenty in 1995. Richard is also a multiple graduate of Gunsite Academy.\r\n\r\nRichard now works as a firearms journalist and consultant, and has contributed to every major firearms and hunting periodical. He has also authored numerous books to include, Rifle Bullets for the Hunter, Handgun Training for Personal Protection, Shooters Guide to the AR, Cartridges of the World, Under Orion, and The Scout Rifle Study. The Empty-Cases website<\/a> is a written and video journal of Richard\u2019s firearms related involvements, and his 60 Seconds or Less video series highlights his experiences and lessons on social media.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/12\/Richard-Mann-Main-Image.png"]},{"title":"Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper","instructors_content":"The name Jeff Cooper has for years been synonymous with teaching the modern use of firearms. After attending Stanford University Jeff Cooper enlisted in the Marine Corp. During World War II he served in the Pacific theatre on the USS Pennsylvania. By the end of the war he had been promoted to major. He resigned his commission in 1949, but returned to active duty during the Korean War. During that time he was promoted to lieutenant colonel. After the Korean War, Jeff wrote for magazines like Road & Track and raced cars in the early days of the SCCA. He was also instrumental in the early beginnings of competitive shooting. Jeff was considered the world\u2019s foremost authority on defensive weaponcraft, teaching what he called the Modern Technique of the Pistol at the school he founded, American Pistol Institute. Jeff went beyond the technical aspects of shooting and incorporated mental conditioning and established a set of firearm safety rules that continue to be used today. American Pistol Institute, or API as it was known, grew to become Gunsite. Gunsite was founded by Jeff Cooper as the American Pistol Institute (API) in 1976 in order to teach the modern technique of shooting. The facility was established in Paulden, Arizona on a large tract of land perfect for firearms training. Jeff moved to the property and began constructing shooting bays and teaching students. His lectures were held right on the porch of his home. After the introduction of the rifle and shotgun courses, the school's name was changed from American Pistol Institute to Gunsite. In 1992 Jeff Cooper sold Gunsite to a former student. The school was renamed to Gunsite Training Academy. On December 10, 1999, the school was sold to a new owner, Buz Mills, also a graduate of Gunsite. The school was renamed to \"Gunsite Academy\". The instruction at the school returned to that of the modern technique as taught by Jeff Cooper. Equally important, Jeff Cooper took part in the instruction of the classes at Gunsite and instructors from Orange Gunsite returned to teach at the new Gunsite. Jeff Cooper retired from instruction at the end of 2003, but continued to live at the Sconce with his wife Janelle. Jeff Cooper passed away on September 25, 2006 and was buried in a tomb on the Gunsite property. Students to this day still visit Jeff Cooper\u2019s burial site to leave mementos. Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper was a visionary and today Gunsite stands as a testament to his philosophy on firearms training.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/11\/Jeff-Cooper.png"]},{"title":"Travis Haley","instructors_content":"Travis Haley is a veteran Force Reconnaissance Marine with 15 years of dedicated real world experience including: combat tours in Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. After leaving the military, Travis served as a special operations and security contractor before partnering with Magpul as founder and CEO of their training division, Magpul Dynamics, before breaking off to form the endeavour that would become Haley Strategic Partners.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/11\/Travis-Haley-Main-Pic.png"]},{"title":"Matt Jacques","instructors_content":"Wes is an internationally recognized firearms, tactics, and use of force instructor with over 30 years of military & law enforcement experience, as well as significant operational time with Matt is a retired Police Officer and a Marine Corps veteran. Matt spent most of his military enlistment within HMX-1, The Presidential Helicopter Squadron. He served within the Military Police MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) and continued in Law Enforcement after his enlistment ended.\r\nMatt served with two Virginia Law Enforcement agencies and filled several billets. During his tenure, he served in different assignments as a Basic Academy Recruit Instructor, Field Training Officer, Detective within the Special Problems Unit as an undercover Detective as well as a founding Special Deputy of the U. S. Marshal Capital Area Fugitive Task Force for the Washington D.C. U S Marshal\u2019s Office. Matt served several years on a large Northern Virginia Police Department SWAT team as an entry team member and was selected and served as a Sniper team member until his retirement.\r\n\r\nAfter his retirement, Matt worked as the Senior Manager of Assault Weapons for FNH USA. He managed the FN SPR Precision Rifle program; FN Belt fed Weapons section and the SCAR program. Matt was tasked with the user evaluations and teaching the New Equipment Training (NET) for SOCOM and the SCAR family of weapons.\r\n\r\nMatt left FNH USA in 2006 and returned to training Law Enforcement while still in the Washington DC area.\r\n\r\nMatt started Victory First in 2012 and continues to grow his course offerings to Law Enforcement, Military and responsible civilians.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/08\/instructors-thumb-matt-jacques.jpg"]},{"title":"Scott Puckett","instructors_content":"Scott Puckett served in both Iraq and Afghanistan as a close protection specialist with the US Department of State and the US Department of Defense. He held leadership rolls while tasked with protecting the highest-level dignitaries, foreign and domestic. Over the last two decades, Scott has served in several tactical capacities as a member of special weapons and tactics teams and leading high risk tactical operations.\r\n\r\nThroughout his life, Scott has been physically active, participating in sports, martial arts, and watersports. Scott was first introduced to performance based athletic training as a team physical fitness regime while deployed in Afghanistan. Upon returning to the states, Scott completed an internship with two highly skilled physical fitness coaches and thus began his career coaching people to obtain their fitness goals. He founded and operated Richland 1 CrossFit, and then co-founded two local athletic performance facilities, assisting many more reach their desired objectives of being harder humans.\r\n\r\nFor the past twenty-three years, Scott has served as a law enforcement officer in one capacity or another. He is currently employed at the Horry County Sheriff\u2019s Office Special Operations Unit in Conway, South Carolina where he serves as the Wellness Coordinator. He leads his agency in teaching physical fitness, firearms, defensive tactics, and driving training.\r\n\r\nScott has tested his mental and physical toughness in recent years, winning the Discovery Channel\u2019s One Man Army, 2011 SCLEOA Police Olympics, and then completing the SEALFit Kokoro Camp 24 with his teammates from the Richland County Sheriff\u2019s Department. Since that time, Scott has sought to build better law enforcement officers internationally to increased strength and conditioning capacity, tactical ability, and then combative applications as a S.P.E.A.R. adjunct coach for Blauer Tactical Systems.\r\n\r\nPhysical fitness is an integral part of Scott\u2019s life, as he seeks daily to \u2018walk the talk,\u2019 leading by example.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/08\/Scott_Puckett.png"]},{"title":"Bri Van Scotter","instructors_content":"Bri Van Scotter is a Professional Chef & Pastry Chef who loves to hunt. She attended the Culinary Institute of America in Napa, CA and graduated with an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts. After that, she felt the need to head back to school to study Pastry. Bri went on to graduate from The Art Institute with a degree in Baking and Pastry. After working in fine dining for years and having a passion for sharing her love and knowledge of food, she became a Chef Instructor at her Alma Mater The Art Institute. Bri is also BALLISTIC Magazine\u2019s Wild Game Cooking Editor.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/05\/Bri-Van-Scotter.jpg"]},{"title":"Kris “Tanto” Paronto","instructors_content":"Kris Paronto - \u201cTanto\u201d as he is affectionately known in security contracting circles - is a former Army Ranger from 2nd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment and private security contractor who has deployed throughout South America, Central America, the Middle East and North Africa. He also worked with the US Government\u2019s Global Response Staff conducting low profile security in high threat environments throughout the world.\r\n\r\nMr. Paronto was part of the CIA annex security team that responded to the terrorist attack on the US Special Mission in Benghazi, Libya, September 11th, 2012, helping to save over 20 lives while fighting off terrorists from the CIA Annex for over 13 hours. Mr. Paronto\u2019s story is told in the book \u201c13 Hours\u201d written by Mitchell Zuckoff and his five surviving annex security team members.\r\n\r\nMr. Paronto was born in Alamosa, Colorado and obtained his Associate Degree from Dixie College (now Dixie State University) in St. George, Utah, Bachelor\u2019s Degree from Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colorado and Masters Degree from The University of Nebraska at Omaha. He served 4 years in the US Army and an additional 4 years in the US Army National Guard reaching the rank of Sergeant then becoming a commissioned officer in 2003. He started contracting for Blackwater Security Consulting in 2003 and continued to deploy on various security contracts, to include the Global Response Staff until 2013.\r\n\r\nMr. Paronto has been involved in security operations in hostile environments for over 10 years. His team\u2019s involvement with the September 11th, 2012 attack on the US special mission in Benghazi, Libya was paramount in the saving of US lives and assets. He is a proven leader, teammate and friend to those who have deployed with him, and a devout father to three children.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/01\/Kris-Tanto-Paronto.png"]},{"title":"Wes Doss","instructors_content":"Wes is an internationally recognized firearms, tactics, and use of force instructor with over 30 years of military & law enforcement experience, as well as significant operational time with both military & law enforcement tactical operations & protective service organizations. His real-world experience taught him first hand that there is more to prevailing in austere situations than merely pressing a trigger, and understanding the why as much as the how is crucial to overcoming high demand violent conditions. Putting years of experience, both domestic and abroad to use, Wes has worked to cultivate training methodologies that are safe, efficient and most importantly relevant to the world around us. \r\n\r\nWes is the Founder, President, & General Operating Manager of Khyber Interactive Associates, LLC, creator of the 1 inch to 100 yards Warrior Conference and the lead trainer for the annual Lights Sights Lasers US Tour, the only touring training initiative that provides cost free training to law enforcement and military in the country. Wes holds a Master\u2019s degree in Criminal Justice Administration and an upper level Doctorate in Psychology, with an emphasis on sports and performance psychology. \r\n\r\nWes is also a published author, with numerous articles in various publications, such as; American Hand gunner, American Cop, Police Magazine, Law Officer, SWAT magazine, ASLET \u201cThe Trainer\u201d, and The NTOA \u201cTactical Edge\u201d. Wes is also the author of the bestselling books \u201cTrain to Win\u201d, and \u201cCondition to Win\u201d both are training psychology\/philosophy books focused on law enforcement and military trainers and professionals.\r\n\r\nWes can be found through the following websites; www.KHYBERTRAINING.com and www.LSLUSTOUR.com.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/12\/Instructor-Wes-Doss-pic.jpg"]},{"title":"Tony Blauer","instructors_content":"His company, BLAUER TACTICAL SYSTEMS (BTS) is one of the world's leading consulting firms specializing in research & development of combative training & equipment for the military, law enforcement and self-defense communities. BTS has taught key performance enhancement, fear management, and combatives based on S.P.E.A.R. System research to military, law enforcement and civilian personnel since 1988.\r\n\r\nWith over 30 years professional consulting experience, BLAUER TACTICAL SYSTEMS is highly sought out by progressive trainers interested in advanced scenario work, close quarter tactics, mind-set and confrontation management psychology. The Blauer team has had the privilege and honor of consulting for elite elements within the federal government like U.S. ARMY Special Forces & SPECIAL OPERATIONS, U.S. AIR FORCE, U.S. NAVY SEALs, FEDERAL AIR MARSHAL SERVICE, the U.S. COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, SECRET SERVICE, FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING CENTER, U.S. MARSHALS.\r\n\r\nAside from extensive work throughout North America, BLAUER TACTICAL SYSTEMS has provided train-the-trainer consultation and research in Venezuela, Australia, New Zealand the United Kingdom and Germany.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/08\/Tony-Blauer-Instructor-Pic.png"]},{"title":"Robert Keller","instructors_content":"Robert has spent more than 19 years with the United States Army, which all 19 years have been spent in the Special Operations community. Robert has conducted combat operations in numerous theatres of operation, including Iraq, Afghanistan, and other undisclosed countries. Starting his career with the Army Rangers and later joining the Special Forces, Robert is currently serving in a SMU where he has been for the last 10 years. Robert is also the Founder and CEO of Gamut Resolutions LLC<\/a> where he is quickly becoming highly sought after for law enforcement training, corporate outings, and civilian classes where he specializes in Carbine and Pistol courses.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/04\/Instructor-Robert-Keller-.png"]},{"title":"Aaron Barruga","instructors_content":"\u201cI enlisted in the military because of 9\/11 and served in Special Forces. Deploying to Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Pacific Theater of Operations, I was mentored by some of the most elite American warfighters, intelligence operatives, and foreign commandos.\r\n\r\nFrom my first day on a team, until I left the military in 2013, I constantly learned new skills as both a trigger puller and more importantly a teacher. Regardless of the mission, proper application of the fundamentals combined with the ability to immediately adapt was critical to success. This was true whether serving as the primary jumpmaster for a high altitude free fall jump, or leading militia fighters on a combat patrol. I take these lessons learned and apply them to my training courses at Guerrilla Approach. \r\n\r\nCombat marksmanship is so much more than shooting in kit, and tactical training conducted improperly actually sets students up for failure. I help shooters breakthrough training plateaus and more importantly, challenge them to think through problems and their broader applicability to the real world\u201d. - Aaron Barruga","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/04\/Aaron-Main-Pic-sm.png"]},{"title":"Gunsite Academy","instructors_content":"America's Premier Firearms Training Center\r\n\r\nGunsite was founded in 1976 by Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper, author, columnist, professor, WW II and Korean War combat veteran. Col. Cooper intended Gunsite to be the vehicle for spreading the Modern Technique of the Pistol, which he created during his years in Big Bear Lake, CA.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["https:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/03\/Gunsite-Instructor-Image-sm.png"]},{"title":"Pat McNamara","instructors_content":"Pat McNamara (Mac) has 22 years of Special Operations experience, 13 of which were in 1st SFOD-D. He has extensive experience in hostile fire\/combat zones in the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. He trains individuals at basic and advanced levels of marksmanship and combat tactics.\r\n\r\nWhen he worked in the premier special missions unit, he became an impeccable marksman, shooting with accurate, lethal results and tactical effectiveness. McNamara has trained tactical applications of shooting to people of all levels of marksmanship, from varsity level soldiers, and police officers who work the streets to civilians with little to no time behind the trigger.\r\n\r\nHis military experience quickly taught him that there is more to tactical marksmanship than merely squeezing the trigger. Utilizing his years of experience, McNamara developed a training methodology that is safe, effective and combat relevant and encourages a continuous thought process. This methodology teaches how to maintain safety at all times and choose targets that force accountability, as well as provides courses covering several categories, including individual, collective, on line and standards.\r\n\r\nMcNamara retired from the Army's premier hostage rescue unit as a Sergeant Major and is the author of T.A.P.S. (Tactical Application of Practical Shooting). Pat McNamara\u2019s website: http:\/\/tmacsinc.com\/","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2015\/06\/Mac-Homepage-Pic-sm.png"]},{"title":"Jeff Gonzales","instructors_content":"US Navy SEAL and modern warfare expert, Jeff Gonzales serves as President to Trident Concepts, LLC. Jeff was a decorated and respected SEAL serving as an operator and instructor who participated in numerous combat operations throughout the globe. Comprising a staff of diverse and professional Naval Special Warfare instructors this battle proven company specializes in weapons, tactics and techniques to meet the evolving threat. Bringing the same high-intensity mindset, operational success and lessons learned from NSW to our training programs, TRICON has been recognized as an industry leader by various government, state and local units.\r\n\r\nOrganizations interested in training with TRICON should visit www.tridentconcepts.com for more information.\"","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2015\/05\/Jeff-Gonzales-Instructor-Page-Pic.png"]},{"title":"ISA","instructors_content":"The International Security Academy (ISA) has trained our nation\u2019s elite Special Operations Forces from all branches of military service, government agencies and private security firms. ISA staff has decades of experience in presenting a broad array of specialized training in rally driving, ATV riding, SUV and off-road vehicle dynamics along with extensive experience in firearms and combatives training. \r\n\r\nThe International Security Academy utilizes the state-of-the-art facilities at The Florida International Rally and Motorsports Park (The FIRM) and The Keystone Heights Airpark, a certified Static and Free Fall Drop Zone for its unique training and driving experience curriculum. ISA provides high-performance instruction with unique driving experiences on The FIRM\u2019s more than 20 miles of multi-surface track, trail and road courses. \r\n\r\nFor more info on ISA: http:\/\/isafla.com","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2015\/01\/ISA-Main-Pic-sm.png"]},{"title":"Freddie Blish","instructors_content":"Freddie Blish is a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the United States Marine Corps, where he served 24 years. He has served multiple combat tours and deployed globally in operational, instructional and advisory capacities. His tours include Iraq, Africa, Korea, Thailand, and Latin America. After his retirement from the Marine Corps, he served as the Director of Military Business Development for Aimpoint, Inc, where he developed an intensive training program on their use by the US Army Regional Training Center firearms instructors, US Army Mountain Warfare School, USAF Para-Rescue, and I Marine Expeditionary Force Advisory Training Teams. He has also worked for LaRue Tactical, and as a private contractor handling high-risk clients domestically and overseas.\r\n\r\nFreddie is an Adjunct Instructor at Gunsite Academy, Inc. He has been providing high quality instruction to Military, Law Enforcement and the Private sector for over to twenty years. He has also been a technical advisor pertaining to military optics for several television shows and movies.\r\n\r\nFreddie continues to work in the firearms industry as the General Manager for The ROBAR Companies, Inc. He is also the owner and CEO of Patriot Products AZ, LLC, the manufacturer of the Combat Optic Tool and the Combat Optic Tool - Optimized.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/10\/instructors-thumb-freddie-blish1.jpg"]},{"title":"Tatiana Whitlock","instructors_content":"Tatiana Whitlock is the owner of ID Target Systems which designs realistic training aids and offers instruction services specific to personal protection. She works with men, women and youth to establish a real-world foundation of firearm skills, safety and situational awareness.\r\n\r\nA lifelong interest in martial arts resulted in the inevitable introduction to firearms as a means of self and home protection. She is a dedicated student as well as an instructor and travels to peruse training across the country with top names in the industry. As a mother of two, Tatiana takes the safety of her family seriously and knows that in a worst-case scenario the first responder on the scene is, her.\r\n\r\nThe training that she offers to families and individuals brings the home defense and concealed carriers training mindset out of the square range and into the context of daily life. She hunts, hikes, and fishes Northern New England and is an active Goruck participant and grad. Tatiana is a NRA BPI, RSO and Refuse to Be a Victim instructor. She is a contributing author for numerous industry publications and the NRA Women\u2019s Network.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/10\/instructors-thumb-tatiana-whitlock.jpg"]},{"title":"N.E. MacDougald","instructors_content":"N.E. MacDougald has been writing about survival for periodicals for more than 30 years. He performed classified counterintelligence duties in Vietnam with the 519th Military Intelligence Bn (MACV), holding a top secret security clearance. He instructed elements of the U.S. Army\u2019s 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) in technical rock climbing. MacDougald worked north of the Arctic Circle in Prudhoe Bay on Alaska\u2019s North Slope, has trekked in the Himalayas, and has been an active shooter for decades.\r\n\r\nAs Survival Editor for Soldier of Fortune magazine he was sent on assignment to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and Cuba. He was Managing Editor of SURVIVE magazine and has written about survival and self-reliance for The New Pioneer magazine.\r\n\r\nHe is the author of Soldier of Fortune Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse: the Ultimate Guide to Protecting Your Family from Societal Collapse, published by Skyhorse Publishing. He earned a B.A. and an M.A. and has lived and worked abroad.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["https:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/10\/Robert-Himber.png"]},{"title":"Jim Cobb","instructors_content":"Jim Cobb is a well-respected disaster preparedness consultant and author. His books include Prepper's Home Defense, The Prepper's Complete Book of Disaster Readiness, and Prepper's Long-Term Survival Guide. He has worked with individuals, private groups, and corporations, assisting with disaster planning. From a very early age, Jim saw the need for being prepared for emergencies and he has spent three decades studying, learning, and now teaching the skills necessary to survive common and not so common disasters.\r\n\r\nIn the corporate world, Jim has had vast experience with teaching and training, addressing topics as varied as sexual harassment, conflict resolution, workplace violence, and loss prevention. He has been involved with devising and writing policies and procedures on these and similar topics for Fortune 500 companies.\r\n\r\nJim is also a licensed private investigator and has worked in the security and investigative fields for over twenty years. He spent several years volunteering his time and expertise in locating missing and abducted children across the United States.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/10\/instructors-thumb-jim-cobb.jpg"]},{"title":"Dave Canterbury","instructors_content":"Dave Canterbury is an experienced & skilled survivalist, having years of experience in bush crafting, outdoor self reliance and primitive skills. He founded The Pathfinder School because of his dedication to passing on the \u201ctribal knowledge\u201d of outdoor self reliance and primitive skills to anyone and everyone who wants to learn. Dave firmly believes we can learn from each other and continues to be a student himself.\r\n\r\nAs a hunting guide, Dave started thinking about what a person should have with them and what they should do in case they became lost or stranded. Through study of Past History and Experimental Archeology he developed his methodology for Survival on what he coins the 5C\u2019s of Survivability; these are the 5 items that have been used cross culturally from ancient times to affect survival. Along with methodology and vast experience the Pathfinder System became the foundation for the teachings at The Pathfinder School.\r\n\r\nDave is a published writer with articles appearing in Self Reliance Illustrated, and currently writing for American Frontiersman as well as New Pioneer Magazine. He also serves as an Adjunct Faculty Member of Frontier Christian University for the Wilderness Self Reliance Certificate Program. Also as a accomplished Archer, Dave took 1st Place (Men\u2019s Self Bow) in the Traditional Archery Nationals in 2006. Dave is also a US Army Veteran.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/10\/instructors-thumb-dave-canterbury.jpg"]},{"title":"Tom Yost","instructors_content":"Tom Yost has been involved in the shooting industry for over 30 years as a competitor, consultant, and instructor. Tom has won two IDPA national championships along with numerous regional and state championships in IDPA, USPSA\/IPSC, bowling pins and steel matches. He has also won two American Handgunner World Shoot-off championships in .22 caliber pistol. He was one of the original USPSA Masters and is an IDPA four gun master.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/10\/instructors-thumb-tom-yost.jpg"]},{"title":"James Williams","instructors_content":"James Williams is the President of Bugei Trading Company, Inc. He has been studying martial arts since 1960 and teaching since 1975. James has trained, competed in, and taught a number of different martial disciplines: Japanese, Okinawan, Chinese, Filippino, as well as the Brazilian system of Jujitsu as taught by Rorion and Royce Gracie. His experience includes western wrestling, which he also coached, as well as competing in boxing and kickboxing.\r\n\r\nHis love of samurai martial traditions came with his study of the Yanagi ryu of the Yoshida han under Don Angier Sensei and the martial traditions of the Kuroda han as taught by Kuroda Tetsuzan Sensei. James also studied Daito ryu Roppokai with Okamoto Seigo sensei. James also teaches Close Quarters Combat to police and military both foreign and domestic. The method used, \"The System of Strategy,\" is based on those skills developed and cultivated by ancient warriors.\r\n\r\nHe is a knife designer and with the assistance of CRKT came out with various knives including the \"Hissatsu,\" a close quarter battle knife design. James is certified as an instructor of Systema, an Ancient Russian Martial Art taught by Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev. Williams sensei teaches Nami Ryu Aiki Heiho, (kenjutsu, iaijutsu, tanto jutsu and aikijujutsu) and The System in Encinitas California.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/10\/instructors-thumb-james-williams.jpg"]},{"title":"Bob Vogel","instructors_content":"Robert Vogel is a 2-time World and 12-time National Champion across 3 disciplines of pistol shooting and is currently ranked among the very best in the world. Aside from this he is also a full time Police Officer and SWAT team member. Being of a very select group who possess both world class shooting skills as well as real life practical experience Robert has a lot to offer in terms of \"what works and what doesn't.\"","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/05\/instructors-thumb-bob-vogel.jpg"]},{"title":"Nikki Turpeaux","instructors_content":"Nikki Turpeaux is the Owner\/CEO of Archangel Tactical, LLC and Founder of the Get A GRIP\u2122 Ladies Personal Defense & Firearms Training Program. Her training curriculum serves women, men, youth and families in the disciplines of defensive pistol, shotgun, carbine, OC, edged\/improvised weapons and unarmed defense training. In addition to being a member of the NRA, NSSF, IDPA, Piedmont Handgunners Association, PSR Gunfighter League, she is also an NRA Instructor\/RSO, Certified SABRE College Safety Program Instructor, columnist for Women\u2019s Outdoor News and a former Miss Houston.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/10\/instructors-thumb-nikki-turpeaux.jpg"]},{"title":"Yamil Sued","instructors_content":"Yamil is a graduate of the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photographic Arts and Sciences in Santa Barbara, CA with a Major in Illustration Photography and Color Technology with over 27 years of professional experience. Yamil started his professional relationship with the Shooting Industry in 1995 and has since worked with Companies like S&W, Glock, FNH USA, Remington, Bushmaster, Bushnell, Leupold, Aimpoint, PWS, Vortex Optics, Cor-Bon Ammunition, ERGO Grips, AmeriGlo Sights, Krause Publications, Comp Tac Victory Gear, The Beta Company, IDPA, MGM Targets, Rainier Ballistics, Rock Castle Shooting Center, SIG Sauer and was a Staff Photographer for Cabela\u2019s in Sidney, NE. Yamil is also a Writer and Photographer for the Japanese Publication GUN.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/10\/instructors-thumb-yamil-sued.jpg"]},{"title":"John Doc Spears","instructors_content":"John Spears is a weapons and tactics, precision rifle, CQB Operations, No-Light, and TCCC instructor. His Army special operations career began as an 18D, Special Operations Medical Sergeant in 3rd Bn., 7th SFG(A), Panama. He conducted counter-insurgency and counter-narco terrorism operations throughout Central and South America, including El Salvador, Columbia, Bolivia, Peru, and others. He joined the 12th SFG(A) while attending college, obtained a biochemistry degree, attended Osteopathic medical school, then completed an orthopedic surgical residency and finally a spine surgery fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Florida. He divides his time between a specialty surgery practice and training law enforcement, military, and qualified civilians.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/10\/instructors-thumb-doc-spears.jpg"]},{"title":"Dave Spaulding","instructors_content":"Dave Spaulding is a professional firearms instructor with 36 years experience in Law Enforcement and Federal Security including patrol, crime scene investigations, court security, violent and property crime investigations, undercover operations, SWAT, training and dignitary protection. The recipient of the 2010 Law Enforcement Trainer of the Year Award from the International Law Enforcement Trainer and Educators Association (ILEETA) and Law Officer Magazine, Dave has graduated from many of the most prestigious LE training programs and has trained students from around the globe in numerous realistic combat handgun courses.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/05\/instructors-thumb-dave-spaulding.jpg"]},{"title":"Pat Rogers","instructors_content":"Pat Rogers is a retired Chief Warrant Officer of Marines. He retired as a Sgt in NYPD, drove a taxi and was a Free Fall Photographer. Pat has written for Marine Corps Gazette, Precision Shooting, Tactical Shooter and SWAT Magazine. In 1992 Pat started EAG Tactical. He is a perpetual student of the art. Every day he thanks those who have shared their experiences with him, so that he can do the same for others.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/10\/instructors-thumb-pat-rogers.jpg"]},{"title":"Bill Rogers","instructors_content":"Bill Rogers is a former FBI Agent. He invented the first Kydex Holster in 1972. He started the Rogers Holster Company in 1973, purchased by Safariland in 1985. To this day he continues to develop cutting edge technologies for the shooting industry.\r\n\r\nBill Rogers developed a training program and a high speed moving target system. The program replicates the minimal amount of time a shooter will have to successfully neutralize an adversary. In 1975 he established the Rogers Shooting School using this system.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/10\/instructors-thumb-bill-rogers.jpg"]},{"title":"Paul Liebenberg","instructors_content":"Paul Liebenberg is a trained Industrial Designer who has been a professional gun builder specializing in the Browning locked breach pistol platform for over 30 years. He was a member of the World Champion South African Practical Pistol Shooting Team, NRA High Master, certified four-gun firearms instructor and professional pistol shooter who competed successfully in many disciplines in the shooting sports. He opened Pistol Dynamics build high-end 1911 competition handguns and Pachmayr pistols on contract to that company. He has also continued the technical development of the 40-caliber pistol cartridge that eventually became the 40 S&W we know today.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/05\/instructors-thumb-paul-liebenberg.jpg"]},{"title":"Bill Jeans","instructors_content":"Bill was the owner of Morrigan Consulting, a tactical firearms training company providing weapons and tactics instruction to law enforcement, military and private citizens from 1998 until his retirement in 2013.\r\n\r\nDuring this time period he was also an Arizona reserve deputy sheriff serving 11 years on the county SWAT team and as an instructor for the Regional Training Academy.\r\n\r\nHe served 21 years as a police officer in California where he was responsible for firearms and tactics training for his department and for the State Center Peace Officer\u2019s Academy.\r\n\r\nBill was an Adjunct Instructor for pistol, rifle, shotgun and submachine gun at The American Pistol Institute (Gunsite) beginning in 1980. He was hired by Col. Jeff Cooper as Operations Manager for the school in 1990 and served in that capacity until 1997.\r\n\r\nBill is a Marine Corps veteran of the Vietnam war.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/10\/instructors-thumb-bill-jeans.jpg"]},{"title":"Paul Howe","instructors_content":"Paul Howe is a high-risk training instructor for Law Enforcement and Government Security who has evolved from the ranks. Beginning with a brief LE career in the late 1970\u2019s, he served for 20 years in the U.S. Army, ten of those in Special Operations. Paul moved through the ranks and served as a Tactical Team Leader and Senior Instructor while assigned to Army Special Operations. During his tour in special operations he was involved in several combat actions. Upon retirement, Paul started CSAT-Combat Shooting and Tactics in 2000 as a top tier leadership and training company.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/10\/instructors-thumb-paul-howe.jpg"]},{"title":"Kyle Harth","instructors_content":"Kyle Harth is a veteran of the United States Army, where he served four years as an Infantryman and fourteen years in Special Forces. He has served multiple combat tours and deployed globally in operational, instructional and advisory capacities. His tours include Europe, the Caribbean, Afghanistan and Iraq. After his separation from the service, he served in private contractor roles handling high-risk clients domestically and, providing armed shipboard security in the Middle East. He has served as an Instructor for the Florida Counterdrug Training Academy, the Federal Law Enforcement Center and several training academies. Kyle has been providing high quality instruction to Military, Law Enforcement and the Private sector for close to twenty years. He also serves his Department as a reserve SWAT Sergeant.\r\n\r\nKyle has also spent time advising and, appearing, in several Special Operations television shows sharing his expert opinion and performing firing demonstrations. Additionally, Kyle has worked in the Defense Industrial community, representing many companies to include ITT Night Vision, Aimpoint and TNVC. Through these companies, and his contacts within the DOD and LE agencies, Kyle has kept his finger on the pulse of the Industry and, kept in constant touch with the changes in both equipment and tactics. That combined experience, over a broad spectrum of clients, is where he bases his foundational learning concepts.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/05\/instructors-thumb-kyle-harth.jpg"]},{"title":"Dave Harrington","instructors_content":"Dave Harrington (a.k.a. \"Super\" Dave) is the President of Combatspeed LLC which is located in Tampa, Florida. Dave is a two time retired senior weapons instructor from the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. He has 23 years of military experience, the last 16 of which were spent in the Army's Special Forces. He qualified as an expert infantryman, conventional and HALO (high altitude, low open) paratrooper, Ranger, and finally combat weapons craft instructor at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center at Fort Bragg, N.C. Some of the nation's most elite counter terrorist fighters trained under Harrington there.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/10\/instructors-thumb-dave-harrington.jpg"]},{"title":"James Gilliland","instructors_content":"James Gilliland is a United States Army Sergeant First Class with 15 years of service in the Infantry. He joined the U. S. Army in March of 1996 and attended basic training and Advanced individual training, Airborne School, and the Ranger Indoctrination Program before being assigned to Aco, 3\/75th Ranger Regt. There he served as an indirect fire Infantryman, Forward Observer, Sniper, Sniper Team Leader, Rifle Team Leader, and Squad Leader.\r\n\r\nIn Oct 01 while assigned to C Co, 3\/75 as a Squad Leader, He conducted the first airborne assault in Afghanistan. He would spend two tours in Afghanistan assigned to the Ranger Regt. Gilliland would later teach at the Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course prior to being assigned to 2nd BN 69th Armor, 3rd Infantry Division also at Fort Benning Ga. There Gilliland would select, train, equip, and deploy a ten man sniper section that would be recognized as the most successful sniper section in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom III by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.\r\n\r\nWhile serving in Ramadi Iraq, Gilliland was recognized for engaging an enemy combatant with a M24 SWS at a range of 1250 meters with a single round, setting a record for the 7.62mm NATO cartridge. Gilliland then moved to be a Ranger Instructor at the Mountain phase of the U. S. Army Ranger School. Gilliland then returned to the 3d ID to serve as a Platoon Sergeant for a second tour to Iraq. Gilliland is currently serving in the Soldier Requirements Division, Small Arms Section, Lethality branch at the Maneuver center on Fort Benning Ga.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/10\/instructors-thumb-jim-gilliand.jpg"]},{"title":"Jim Fuller","instructors_content":"Jim Fuller\u2019s experience with weaponry goes back to the early 1980s. From the moment he laid his eyes on an AK47 he became a fan of combloc weapons. During this time, and through to the 1990s, he worked in the PSD world, but continued his constant training in combloc weapons.\r\n\r\nJim has worked as a Rangemaster and Armorer for one of the largest private training facilities in the US. In 2004 he started teaching Combloc Armorers, Operators and Close Range Gun fighting for Suarez International as well as adjunct classes for many other schools. In 2006, he began doing training contracts with combloc weapon systems with various DOD contractors.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/10\/instructors-thumb-jim-fuller.jpg"]},{"title":"John Chapman","instructors_content":"John Chapman (Chappy) is the founder and Director of Training of LMS Defense, an international full service training, consulting, business leadership, and weapons system testing firm. Chappy is a retired police Lieutenant and a currently serving reserve SWAT officer. He has also served as a Sergeant, Field Training Officer, SWAT Operations and Training Officer and Chief Firearms Instructor; and consults and assists SWAT teams both domestically and internationally in the organization and training of law enforcement tactical teams.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/05\/instructors-thumb-john-chapman.jpg"]},{"title":"Massad Ayoob","instructors_content":"Writing for gun magazines since 1971, Massad Ayoob has served more than 30 years as handgun editor of GUNS magazine and law enforcement editor of AMERICAN HANDGUNNER. He has been a contributor to COMBAT HANDGUNS magazine and GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT magazine and was the first 5-Gun Master in IDPA. He has been an expert witness for the courts in weapons and homicide cases for over 30 years, and a sworn part-time police officer for 36 years. Having served 19 years as chair of the firearms committee for the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers, he is now on the advisory board of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/10\/instructors-thumb-massad-ayoob.jpg"]},{"title":"Dean Caputo","instructors_content":"Dean Caputo is a retired Sergeant with a Southern California law enforcement agency. He was on the job for 30 years. He was a supervisor in charge of the Force Training Unit since 1994. He implemented the patrol rifle program in 1995 and the previous carbine program in 1987. He is a Gunsite Rangemaster (Pistol\/Carbine), Colt Factory armorer instructor for the AR15\/M16 and 1911 platforms since 1997. He is a recipient of the Medal of Valor for off duty OIS.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/10\/instructors-thumb-dean-caputo.jpg"]},{"title":"Michael Bane","instructors_content":"Although best known for his highly rated original television series on Outdoor Channel \u2014 SHOOTING GALLERY, THE BEST DEFENSE, GUN STORIES, RAPID FIRE, COWBOYS \u2014 Michael Bane has been active in competitive shooting and training for decades. He co-wrote the first training book for practical competition, You Can't Miss, with IPSC World Champion John Shaw and the landmark The Combat .45 Auto with master gunsmith Bill Wilson in the 1980s. Bane was active in the launch of both USPSA and IDPA and worked in the creation of the National Range Officer Institute. SHOOTING GALLERY is the most successful long-running shooting show ever; THE BEST DEFENSE, hosted by Bane, Michael Janich and Mike Seeklander, has had a profound effect on firearms training in the United States.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/10\/instructors-thumb-michael-bane.jpg"]},{"title":"Louis Awerbuck","instructors_content":"Louis Awerbuck was the owner and lead instructor of the Yavapai Firearms Academy. The Academy was a Mobile Training Unit that provided training in gun handling, marksmanship and tactics \u2013 the three elements of surviving a deadly force confrontation. Louis served in 1 Special Services Battalion in the South African Defence Force. With three decades of instructional experience, Louis had been a contributory adjunct instructor to the Marine Corps Security Force Bn Atlantic combat small arms program and an adjunct firearms\/tactics instructor for the Central Training Academy, Department of Energy.","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/10\/instructors-thumb-louis-awerbuck.jpg"]},{"title":"Jessie Duff","instructors_content":"In Jessie\u2019s shooting career, she has gone from a beginning shooter to top ranked professional, earning 22 National and 19 World Champion shooting titles, as well as numerous regional and state champion titles, in five different shooting disciplines. Among these titles are the prestigious Bianchi Cup, and the World Speed Shooting Championships.\r\n\r\nJessie is also the co-host of the new and exciting show \u201cFriends of NRA\u201d, traveling the U.S. in between matches, and highlighting the amazing story of the NRA\u2019s grassroots foundation, Friends of the NRA!","gw_go_portfolio_thumb_img_src":["http:\/\/panteao.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2014\/12\/Jessie-Duff-Main-Pic.jpg"]}]