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Bill Jeans

Bill was the owner of Morrigan Consulting, a tactical firearms training company providing weapons and tactics instruction to law enforcement, military and private citizens from 1998 until his retirement in 2013.

During this time period he was also an Arizona reserve deputy sheriff serving 11 years on the county SWAT team and as an instructor for the Regional Training Academy.

He served 21 years as a police officer in California where he was responsible for firearms and tactics training for his department and for the State Center Peace Officer’s Academy.

Bill was an Adjunct Instructor for  pistol, rifle, shotgun and submachine gun at The American Pistol Institute (Gunsite) beginning in 1980.  He was hired by Col. Jeff Cooper as Operations Manager for the school in 1990 and served in that capacity until 1997.

Bill is a Marine Corps veteran of the Vietnam war.

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