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Ron Spomer

Writer, photographer, video producer, and television host (Winchester Legends, Whitetail Revolution and others) Ron Spomer has been pursuing, studying, photographing and hunting everything from rabbits to buffalo on six continents. He’s been published thousands of times in well over a hundred different periodicals plus dozens of websites including his own, You’ve also probably read more than a few of his articles in American Hunter, Rifle, Sports Afield, Sporting Classics, Outdoor Life or dozens of other magazines. Perhaps you’ve read one of his seven published books.

A native of the South Dakota pheasant fields, Spomer cut his hunting teeth on uplands birds, waterfowl, and cornfield whitetails before moving west to prowl the mountains from Mexico to Alaska in search of elk, caribou, moose, sheep, goats, bears and every species of upland game bird, duck and goose. He then expanded his range east to Africa and Asia, south to Argentina, Australia, and New Zealand, reveling in the beauty and abundance of Nature in all her guises.

A certified NRA rifle instructor, Spomer regularly reviews guns, ammo, and optics, writing dozens of articles each year on all aspects of bullets, ballistics, firearms, and field tactics.

Over the years Spomer’s work has been recognized with many awards including the Leupold Outdoor Writer of the Year, Zeiss Outdoor Writer of the Year, and Bushnell Bill McRae Lifetime Achievement.

A dyed-in-wool country boy, Spomer lives on Dancing Springs Ranch in the Rocky Mountain West where he manages his private shooting facilities as well as the native sage-steppe habitat. Mule deer, elk, moose, pheasants, sharptailed grouse, ruffed grouse, and numerous songbirds keep him, his hunting dogs, wife, and extended family company.

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