Panteao Make Ready Roku Channel Live

Panteao Make Ready Roku Channel Live

The Panteao Make Ready Channel on Roku brings you over 30 different instructors covering topics like handgun training, carbine and rifle training, shotgun training, long range precision shooting techniques, competitive shooting like IDPA and USPSA, armorer skills and gunsmithing techniques, combat medicine, knife fighting techniques, hunting, and personal defense in your home, on the street, and in your vehicle.

Going beyond firearms training, Panteao also offers training in prepping and survival skills. Everything from short term prepping to long term events, bugging out, bug out gear and survival kits, and developing the mindset and survival skills that will help you survive most any crisis.

With the Panteao Yearly or Monthly website subscription, you can train online from your laptop or desktop computer, tablet, or other mobile device anywhere and anytime. With the Make Ready Roku Channel, that training now extends to your television in HD video.
Roku offers three ways of accessing their content: the Roku Streaming Stick, Streaming Players, and Roku ready TVs. With a Roku player connected to your TV and home network, you can stream services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Video, YouTube, and premium channels like HBO, Showtime, and many more.

Check out our Roku Channel: Make Ready Channel on Roku


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