Make Ready with Dave Harrington: 360 Degree Pistol Skill Vol. 2

Runtime: 01hr, 25min
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With the 360 Degree Pistol Skill program, you get a comprehensive one-on-one pistol training session with Dave Harrington. Dave is a retired senior weapons instructor from the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. 360 Degree Pistol Skill will help you develop the technical knowledge for shooting a semi-automatic pistol. Volume Two takes you to the next step with an extensive group of drills. They include position SUL, high security position, FBI low ready, the proximity drill, Iron Cross drill, Siebel drill, and more. With 360 Degree Pistol Skill, you will learn the tactics and tactical use of the pistol to fight effectively.



Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Make Ready with Dave Harrington: 360 Degree Pistol Skill Vol. 2

  1. Levi

    Dave is a great instructor with lots of real world knowledge.

  2. Clayton

    These were the very first DVD’s I ever purchased from the Panteao collection & I’ve been hooked ever since. What Dave might lack in speaking skills or his overall presentation, he more than makes up with in skillset & pistol know how. It’s obvious that he can shoot with both eyes closed & with enough practice, you can too!

  3. Stu

    Dave’s drills from this and Vol. 1 are a staple in my range days, and in the classes I teach. There is just no substitute for the skills that they develop. Watch Dave’s tapes… a bunch of times.

  4. afo

    An extension of the first volume giving you more scenario’s and building upon what you learned in the first segment. Not only are some of the drills very valuable for your skillset, but even quite fun.

  5. Ruben

    Dave is a great instructor, this two part series is essential for anyone carrying a pistol.

  6. f.hardy7

    Solid pistol drills and techniques that reinforce the fundamentals. Great stuff.

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