Make Ready with Jessie Duff: A Woman’s Guide to USPSA

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More and more women are getting into competitive shooting sports. Now Jessie Duff, world champion shooter and co-host of the Friends of the NRA television show, introduces women to USPSA.  Jessie walks you through all the basics you’ll need to know in order to start competing in this sport. She covers USPSA divisions, which handguns to use, proper gear, ammo & power factor, targets & scoring, stance & hold, draws, strong hand/weak hand shooting,  iron sights & optics, engaging multiple targets, reloads, shooting around barricades, movement, drill to practice, the classifier, and more. Jessie takes you step by step in a one-on-one setting to get you ready to hit the range and start shooting.

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Make Ready with Jessie Duff: A Woman’s Guide to USPSA

  1. Gonzalo Senosiain

    A most see DVD for ladies who would like to compete.

    it will give you many tips on how to handle scenarios, recoil, etc. MUST SEE

  2. Levi

    My girlfriend liked it, and it kept me entertained too.

  3. Clayton

    Even though my wife doesn’t compete, she really likes this DVD & it has helped her overall pistol skills & accuracy.

  4. Steven Nunes

    I bought this video for my Girlfriend and she enjoyed watching Jessie Duff present a basic overview of USPSA Divisions and Equipment. Jessie does a great job of presenting some basic information like scoring, reloading, and shooting on the move. At the end of the video she demonstrates how to shoot an El Presidente. I thought this video was a bit light on content (I am biased towards the Bob Vogel series of videos that Panteao Productions offers).

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