Make Ready with Aaron Barruga: High Threat Environment Vehicle Tactics

Runtime: 2hr, 06min
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Aaron Barruga served in the US Army Special Forces with deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Pacific Theater of Operations. He is the Founder of Guerrilla Approach where he teaches vehicle tactics and active shooter interdiction. High Threat Environment Vehicle Tactics is your introduction to close-quarter engagements in and around vehicles. Aaron reviews the reactive versus proactive mindset, offsetting cover, vehicle and glass ballistics lab, mounted shooting positions, bailout techniques with a carbine and pistol, exterior shooting positions, and more. Whether you are in law enforcement, a military organization conducting low visibility operations or a civilian, this video will give you a solid understanding of working in and around a vehicle.

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Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Make Ready with Aaron Barruga: High Threat Environment Vehicle Tactics

  1. f.hardy7

    You’re in or around a vehicle for a very large part of your life, it’s a good idea to learn how to fight around one.

  2. David Garrett

    This is a great video that covers something that isn’t really covered enough. Aaron really provides a true master class in vehicle tactics. The information is easy to digest, and the angles of the video show every detail you would need to see. He also runs through the drills more than once as well as he performs them dry, and then goes hot after explaining during the dry walk through.

    Great video. Amazing.

  3. Steven Nunes

    This is the Best Vehicle Operations video I have ever seen! Aaron Barruga is an Excellent Instructor and his take on Vehicle Operations and his Presentation Skills are Exceptional! This is a Must Have Training Video!!

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