Make Ready with Pat Rogers: Basic Carbine

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This video is a great way to start building upon your skill set in using a carbine or brushing up on your fundamentals. Pat Rogers, founder of EAG Tactical and retired Marine and Sgt in NYPD, takes you through all the steps needed towards building a solid foundation. In a one-on-one setting, Pat reviews with you the various accessories and gear available for the carbine platform. He covers weapon manipulation, trigger reset & dry firing, zero procedure, target engagement drills, shooting from intermediate and prone positions, turns, multiple target engagement, shooting on the move, and more. If you are serious about carbine use, this is a must have video.



Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Make Ready with Pat Rogers: Basic Carbine

  1. Levi

    Pat Rogers is great.

  2. Clayton

    This is part 1 of Pat’s Basic Carbine series & a great learning tool for those looking to really get into the AR platform or any other tactical carbine.

  3. Michael MacCubbin

    Good video that covers the basics. Good to hear Pat’s perspective. As always, Pat is very entertaining.

  4. afo

    God Bless Pat Rogers. Very Professional, Scary Effective, maintains a Ornery sense of humor that lightens the mood. Pat maintained a state of readiness that rivaled men much younger with no complaints. No one has an excuse not to be excellent. Rest in Peace Pat, God’s got a place for Mighty Warriors. That’s where Pat dwells.

  5. Ruben

    Great video. Awesome introduction to the basics of carbines.

  6. Garrett Weber

    I never got to meet Pat in person, but I love him. He was a great instructor, he has a great sense of humor but also a lot of real world experience. He goes over many different things about the Carbine. Pat’s video is a great first video for anyone new to shooting the carbine rifle.

  7. Larry Jackson Jr.

    Even though I’ve purchased other carbine related training videos from Panteao in the past, what I like about this video is the simplistic background explanations about the various drills presented throughout this video. The urban prone and SBU prone shooting stances will cause you to have a light bulb moment like the others you will experience once you view this video a multitude of times.

  8. Stephen Brown

    Like going to the range with Grandpa… if your grandpa was a tactical ninja. I enjoyed learning from Pat and his teaching style. Perhaps nothing groundbreaking here, but a nice presentation of tried and true fundamentals.

  9. Steven Nunes

    Make Ready with Pat Rogers: Basic Carbine is an Excellent Training Video offered by Panteao Productions that features Pat Rogers, the founder of EAG Tactical. This video is the first in a series of 4 offered by Panteao Productions. In this Video, Pat Rogers starts off with a great overview of different types of rifles and accessories. Then it moves on to Weapon Manipulation and Shooting Positions. This Video and the other 3 in the series will make Great Additions to your video library!

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