Make Ready with Dean Caputo: Building a Carbine

Runtime: 02hr, 14min
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Look at the market today and there are countless versions of the AR15 style carbine. You can even order the components to build your own customized version. Dean Caputo, a law enforcement officer and factory armorer instructor for the AR15/M4 platform, reviews the history of the AR15 style carbine, shows the progression of the carbine’s development, and then shows the viewer how to build three different versions, each with its own attributes and features. Dean also reviews accessories for your carbine and how to incorporate them into your customization or complete build. If you are in the market for a carbine or want to build your own, this is the video for you.



Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Make Ready with Dean Caputo: Building a Carbine

  1. Levi

    Good video for putting together an AR for yourself.

  2. Clayton

    Watched this prior to my last custom build & I would highly recommend adding this series to your collection. There’s considerably more detail here than I expected!

  3. Stephen Brown

    The video was good, and semi- entertaining. With as quickly as new parts are introduced to the market I never care for movies that tout one brand or part over another. By the time the video is out it’s outdated and there is some fabulous new gadget out there. But overall, good video.

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