Make Ready with Bob Vogel: Building World Class Pistol Skills

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Here is an opportunity to get one-on-one training from Robert Vogel, a world class shooter and National Champion in both IDPA and USPSA. In Building World Class Pistol Skills, you will get tips and advice from Robert to help you improve your handgun shooting ability in an easy to follow step by step approach. Robert covers topics like accuracy, proper grip, hand strength, trigger finger isolation, stance, strong hand/weak hand stance, the draw, eye dominance, dry fire, balancing accuracy and speed, shooting from awkward positions, shooting focus, and much more. Whether you’re new to competitive shooting or a seasoned shooter, this video will help you to improve upon your skill set.

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Make Ready with Bob Vogel: Building World Class Pistol Skills

  1. md.thevarge

    Excellent video. The grip tip has helped me tremendously. This video will be able to help the beginner right up to the expert. A true five star rating from me.

  2. Gonzalo Senosiain

    Every one who wants to get into competitive shooting most see all of vogels videos

  3. Robert Alexander

    This video is a “must see” for anyone interested in or currently doing competitive shooting. While it covers a lot of fundamentals to develop good pistol shooting skills, Robert also helps with the mental aspect of dynamic pistol shooting as well. Absolutely recommend ALL Robert Vogel videos.

  4. Levi

    Very informative. I was very disappointed to find that much of the material from “Mastering IDPA” and this dvd is EXACTLY the same…as in the same footage copy and pasted. Good DVD, but buy one or the other.

  5. Chris

    Great information with a lot of simple “tricks” to make your game better. I not only have this DVD but trained in person with Bob. I hope you do the same, he is the best action pistol shooter on Gods green earth.

  6. Clayton

    I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Vogel in action & once you’ve seen someone performing at that level then you want to learn anything & everything you can from them. So do yourself a favor & purchase this DVD!

  7. Stu

    The grip information definitely helped me make some small changes that made a HUGE difference. Great video

  8. Russ Garrett

    I watched the video and was so impressed I flew to Bob’s training facility and had 2 days one on one training from him. He is very patient with you. It was worth every cent to fly up there for 2 days. So many things I had been told about handling and shooting from so called “experts” was wrong. Bob helped me greatly by trying to correct the bad habits I had formed. I hope to go back soon for more training!.

  9. afo

    Excellent if you are hoping to hone your skills as a competition shooter. I reviewed the video to help augment my career skillset. The Mil/Le community can still learn and apply alot from competitive shooters.

  10. Steven Nunes

    Building World Class Pistol Skills is another Great Panteao Productions video. This the 3rd video that features Bob Vogel and I have to say that I really like his style of instruction; he always comes across as clear and concise with the concepts and techniques that he is discussing and demonstrating. As one of the other reviewers has said, this video does contain a lot of the same information as the Mastering IDPA video, but I felt that there was enough original content to make this a worthwhile purchase. Some of that original content includes: Proper Strong Hand and Weak Hand shooting stance. He also covers – How to pick a gun up off a table during a match, Shooting from awkward positions, and Shooting underneath different barriers.

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