Make Ready with Michael Bane: Concealed Carry

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Carrying a concealed firearm for self-defense is more than just selecting a handgun and holster. It’s a state of mind and change of lifestyle. Although best known for his highly rated original television series on Outdoor Channel — SHOOTING GALLERY, THE BEST DEFENSE, GUN STORIES, RAPID FIRE, COWBOYS — Michael Bane has been active in competitive shooting and training for decades. Bane was active in the launch of both USPSA and IDPA and worked in the creation of the National Range Officer Institute. Michael walks you through the system of concealed carry. He reviews various holsters, full size and compact firearms, pocket pistols, properly concealing firearms, off body carry, vehicles, home carry, stress inoculation, and range drills. Whether you are new to concealed carry or have been carrying for years, this is a must have video.



Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Make Ready with Michael Bane: Concealed Carry

  1. Levi

    Bane is a great instructor with good delivery and a good attitude.

  2. Clayton

    This is another must have if you’ve got a CHL! Great video packed full of helpful information & great insight from one of the top names in the firearm industry!

  3. Garrett Weber

    Michael Bane is a very different type of instructor than others from Panteao. He is kinda goofy but he knows what he is talking about and gives an interesting perspective on concealed carry. He goes into a lot of detail about everything you need to know for carrying.

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