Make Ready with Dave Spaulding: Concealed Combat Pistol

Runtime: 02hr, 48min
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Concealed Combat Pistol from Dave Spaulding prepares you for carrying a firearm for self-defense in a straight forward, no nonsense approach that Dave is famous for. Dave is a professional firearms instructor with 36 years of experience in Law Enforcement and Federal Security including patrol, crime scene investigations, court security, violent and property crime investigations, undercover/surveillance operations, SWAT, training and dignitary protection. In this video, Dave discusses the combative mind and reviews modes of dress, closed and open front garments, seated shooting, critical space shooting, pocket pistols, skill development, gear and handgun options, and more.


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Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Make Ready with Dave Spaulding: Concealed Combat Pistol

  1. adam

    great video! an instructor with lots of concealed experience!

  2. Gonzalo Senosiain

    The best instructor Panteao Has, he knows what he is talking about, great tips and he leaves the tacticool and instead focuses on realistics!

  3. Levi

    Great video. Well thought out and thorough. After watching it I wanted to see his other titles.

  4. Clayton

    Another great series from Dave that I would highly recommend for anyone’s collection. This should be mandatory for anyone serious about sharpening their both their physical & mental skills.

  5. Jeffrey Tabor

    Dave Spaulding is certainly one of my favorite instructors. His extensive experience, along with his practical focus makes him an excellent choice for shooters experienced or otherwise.

  6. Jose Gomez del Castillo

    Dave Spaulding…The best!

  7. Steven Nunes

    Make Ready with Dave Spaulding: Concealed Combat Pistol is one in a series of 6 Excellent Training Videos offered by Panteao Productions that feature Dave Spaulding. I believe this is the 4th video in the series and it does an excellent job of building on the concepts from the previous videos. In this video, Dave Spaulding gives an in-depth presentation on Carrying a Concealed Pistol. Different Carry Positions, The Draw, and Various Cover Garments are all discussed and demonstrated. He also does a good job going over Concealed Carry Firearms and accessories like holsters, Knives, and Flashlights. This video and the other 5 in the series will make a Great Addition to your video library!

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