Make Ready with James Williams: Continuing Solutions to Edged Weapons

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As a continuance to The Edged Weapon, James Williams takes you to the next level of training with Continuing Solutions to Edged Weapons. James Williams is the President of Bugei Trading Company, Inc. He has been studying martial arts since 1960 and teaching since 1975. James has trained, competed in, and taught a number of different martial disciplines. James also teaches Close Quarters Combat to police and military both foreign and domestic. His knife designs are produced by Columbia River Knife and Tool.

In this video, James discusses and reviews the straight stab, abdomen slash, downward stab, grab to stab, taking the knife, knife in your back, carry options and knife concealment, hidden draws, and more.



Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Make Ready with James Williams: Continuing Solutions to Edged Weapons

  1. Levi

    James is a great instructor…lots of good info.

  2. afo

    For those wishing to raise the bar ever higher. A must for MIL/LE. The weapon you are wielding at any given time is your Primary Lifeline. True Professionals train to use all of their equipment to the highest degree of excellence. This is top self material Ladies and Gents.

  3. Clayton

    This a great follow up to Williams first series that helps you take your knife skills to the next level. I travel a lot for my career & I take these videos very seriously as disabling someone using a knife is typically more common then someone using a handgun. If you’re trained for both then you have a better chance of making it home.

  4. artisanpaul

    As always, unique body movement using geometry with skeletal alignment and minimal but complex muscle moves. Really helped me out in my daily work with a dislocated shoulder. The movements allowed me to actually improve “disolve” the muscle tention in my neck and back. Thank you James and Panteao. Paul

  5. Charles Porth

    I liked this one better than the first. I found the Saving Private Ryan technique “interesting” and the knife to the neck solution “very interesting”.

    Yes I watched them out of order but this one got me interested in watching the first.

    There is a lot more of that stuff in this one. Also more “gallows humor” which I find funny.

  6. Ruben

    Video is one of the most instructional knife videos I have ever seen. Unlike firearms training there seems to be even more schools of though on knife use, many of which are BS. In my limited experience but extensive research a strong base gross motor skills and complex motor skills are required to effectively knife fight or deal with edged weapons. James melds the two together seamlessly with what he describes as the most efficient martial arts system there is, samurai based warfare. While it takes years to train as a samurai you can develop these complex motor skills quite effectively which are universal and apply them to nearly every situation in a gross manner. This system in combination with the startle flinch taught by Tony Blauer’s SPEAR system is one hell of a combo.

  7. Steven Nunes

    This video, Make ready with James Williams – Continuing Solutions to Edged Weapons, is the second video in a two-part series. In this video James Williams demonstrates how to defend against various knife attacks. He also covers what to do when an attacker comes at you from different positions. There is also a very informative discussion/demonstration of different carry options for different types and sizes of fixed blade and folding knives. I own this video and the first in the series, The Edged Weapon. They are both Excellent and Valuable Training materials.

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