Make Ready with Dave Spaulding: Vehicle Combatives

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If you find yourself in a self-defense scenario it may very involve a vehicle. Whether you are driving it, sitting in the passenger seat, or just standing next to it, you need to know how to react and react quickly. You also need to know how bullets react when going through vehicles. With Vehicle Combatives Dave Spaulding will take you through learning about unconventional shooting positions, how to exit a vehicle, bullet performance through steel and glass, bouncing bullets, and square range drills to supplement your training. There is also a ballistic lab that reviews bullet performance through different barriers. Dave Spaulding is a professional firearms instructor with 36 years of experience in Law Enforcement and Federal Security including patrol, crime scene investigations, court security, violent and property crime investigations, undercover/surveillance operations, SWAT, training and dignitary protection. Whether you are a civilian or a law enforcement officer, this video is a much watch if you wish to better understand how bullets interact with vehicles.


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3 reviews for Make Ready with Dave Spaulding: Vehicle Combatives

  1. Timothy Lyons

    Another great lesson from Dave Spaulding. One of the things I love about Dave’s teaching is his depth of teaching WHY something happens the way it does, instead of just explaining. Why carry AIWB? Why pull up your arms and extend in an upside-down L? Dave will explain. Of course there are the specifics regarding ballistics when dealing with cars, and windshields, but this video is so much more. Highly recommended regardless of whether you expect to fight from a car or not.

    And as an added bonus, an entire section with two gentlemen from Vista Outdoors (Speer/Federal ammo) who explain the properties of HST vs. Gold Dots vs. Gold Dot G2. I’m significantly more comfortable with my choice of carry ammo as well as the information from Dave.

  2. f.hardy7

    Everyone should know how to fight in and around vehicles. Great content.

  3. Steven Nunes

    Make Ready with Dave Spaulding: Vehicle Combatives is one in a series of 6 Excellent Training Videos offered by Panteao Productions that feature Dave Spaulding. This is my Favorite Video in the series and has content that I have not seen anywhere before. The focus video is how to engage threats from within and around vehicles. There is also a Great section of the video that shows ballistic penetration tests on Auto Glass and Car Doors. This video and the other 5 in the series will make a Great Addition to your video library!

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