Make Ready with Matt Jacques: Fundamentals of Everyday Carry

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When you make the decision to carry a firearm for self-defense it’s a good idea to have a solid foundation in the fundamentals. In this video Matt Jacques walks you through all the fundamentals of everyday carry in a step by step approach. Matt is a retired police officer and a Marine Corps veteran. He served with two Virginia law enforcement agencies as well as a Special Deputy of the U. S. Marshal Capital Area Fugitive Task Force for the Washington D.C area. Today Matt trains both law enforcement personnel and civilians under his company, Victory First. In this video, Matt reviews the different handgun options and ancillary equipment, holsters and belts, carry positions, clearing a cover garment, cover garment modifications, the grip, draw, and presentation, loads and reloads, dealing with multiple targets, drills you should practice, and more. If you are serious about concealed carry this video is for you.


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1 review for Make Ready with Matt Jacques: Fundamentals of Everyday Carry

  1. Steven Nunes

    This video is one of two videos by Matt Jacques; the other is Make Ready with Matt Jacques – Fighting from Concealment. I recommend getting both videos since they compliment each other very well. I like the pace of this video and how it covers all of the basics from Handgun Options and Ammunition to Peripheral Equipment like Holsters and Belts. He also demonstrates the draw and several different drills. A good basic introductory video.

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