Make Ready with Gunsite: Citizen Response to Active Shooter

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The threat or perceived threat of an active shooter/terrorist is of significant concern to many of us in today’s world. At issue however, is the level of hype or hyperbole associated with the topic. Most of the information is based on the hysterics of the media, which has little basis in fact. Gunsite’s Citizen Response to Active Shooter will dispel the myths. Founded in 1976 by Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper, Gunsite today stands as a testament to Jeff’s teachings and has become America’s Premier Firearms Training Center. In this video we review criminals versus terrorists, most versus least likely attack profiles, weapon skills, and tactical skills including live fire movement, use of cover, engagements in crowded environments, room entry & security, vehicles, response versus tactical options, resources and more. This is a must watch video that will be an excellent addition to your existing handgun training.

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Make Ready with Gunsite: Citizen Response to Active Shooter

  1. David

    Another great video with gunsite. This video shows the various skills and works up to full scenarios. This video covers many of the side issues as well. The main think it was lacking was medical, however Panteo has a great video with Doc Spears on medical. The other thing that would have been nice is more information on how to navigate through a crowded panicked group of people. This video like others from gunsite presents the information in a clear and step by step manner.

  2. Ruben

    The video poses a very logical and incremental development based training methodology to dealing with the problem of active shooters. In comparison to some of the other videos geared towards that subject on this site, it is slightly more fundamental based which is nice. Very highly recommended.

  3. Tammy Perez

    Great video. Lots of good realistic info. Well worth the time and money. Favorite Gunsite video so far.

  4. Garrett Weber

    This video is great. It is extremely detailed in the information it gives. The topic is a very important one in today’s society. The drills and concepts that are given are great ways to practice to prepare for an active shooter.

  5. Steven Nunes

    This video is the third in the Gunsite Series from Panteao. I have watched the other 2 and I think this is the best on in the series. I only know of one other video (also produced by Panteao) that provides training on how to respond to Active Shooter scenarios. If you are a former Gunsite Academy student, this video will be a good refresher for the skills you were taught in class. I highly recommend getting this video and the other two offered by Panteao (Gunsite 250 Pistol and Gunsite 223 Carbine) and add them to your Training Library.

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