Gunsite Master Series Pistol Class Lecture with Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper

Runtime: 01hr, 48min
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The Gunsite Master Series Pistol Class Lecture consists of recorded footage that we were able to recover from the lecture portion of the week long class. It took place at Gunsite in June of 2000 and marked the first time since the early ‘90s that Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper conducted a lecture at Gunsite. In this video Cooper reviews the purpose behind the classes that were taught at Gunsite, mindset, using a handgun in self-defense, the evolution of the modern technique of the pistol, choosing a handgun and caliber, some history on how the Modern Technique started, and more. Gunsite instructors also make an appearance during the lecture to review stance, grip, sight picture, the compressed break, etc. This video will give you the rare opportunity to sit in on a Gunsite lecture and hear directly from the founder, Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper.

Please Note: This video is presented in a format preserving the 4:3 aspect ratio of its original standard definition recording. The audio and video have been cleaned up as best as possible. You may need to adjust your volume level higher when watching this video.

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1 review for Gunsite Master Series Pistol Class Lecture with Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper

  1. David

    This is a classic. For people like me who started this journey after Lt.Col. Cooper passed away we have heard a lot of things attributed to him. This video lets us see who he was and brings him to life. Most of what he says is great and still applicable today. A small amount of content deviates from what most instructors teach today. However this is still a must watch.
    Note: The overall volume of this video is a little lower than many other videos on Panteo. Not a problem, just noting it.

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