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In a market saturated with information about the combative use of a handgun comes a much-needed practical perspective from the 2010 Law Officer Trainer of the Year, Dave Spaulding. For the Handgun Combatives series, Spaulding draws on what he has learned in more than 35 years of law enforcement and federal security experience to show you what fighting with a pistol is really like. Spaulding readily admits that much of what he knows about shooting he learned from others, because he made it his business to learn from the best. Spaulding then takes this hard-earned knowledge and adds his own unique, combat-proven twists.

In the third part of Handgun Combatives, Spaulding takes aim at one of the most controversial subject topics in the shooting community: stopping power. The reality is that the concept of instantly incapacitating a person has its limitations when the firearm of choice is a pistol, but in this video Spaulding shows how handgun stopping power can be achieved by adopting the right training methodology. From bullet effectiveness, firepower vs. control techniques, and the priority of fire to aiming for center mass, heart, or high chest, and mastering the pyramids of training, Spaulding offers an exhaustive curriculum that will teach handgun shooters how to effectively place their bullets for maximum knockdown power.

The real lesson that Spaulding delivers in his Handgun Combatives videos is that there is always room to learn and improve, especially when the target is shooting back at you. Knowing how to use your handgun effectively is a journey . . . your journey.

This video was originally produced by Paladin Press and is now presented by Panteao Productions. It is presented in a format preserving the 4:3 aspect ratio of its original standard definition recording.

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