Make Ready with Nikki Turpeaux: Intro to Concealed Carry for Ladies

Runtime: 03hr, 34min
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For women interested in concealed carry, this is one of the best videos to start with. Nikki Turpeaux is the Owner/CEO of Archangel Tactical, LLC and Founder of the Get A GRIP™ Ladies Personal Defense & Firearms Training Program. Her training curriculum serves women, men, youth and families in the disciplines of defensive pistol, shotgun, carbine, OC, edged/improvised weapons and unarmed defense training. In this video, Nikki starts you off with the key fundamentals. She walks you through handgun and ammo selection, methods of concealment, training equipment, targets and lethal zones on targets, stance, grip, sight alignment, and more. With this video, you will come away with a solid foundation to start building your skills upon.



Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Make Ready with Nikki Turpeaux: Intro to Concealed Carry for Ladies

  1. Levi

    My girlfriend enjoyed this.

  2. Clayton

    My wife loves these series featuring Nikki! If you’re wanting your wife or daughter to learn the ropes, then you’ve got to make sure they can relate to the instructor. My wife grasped more information from Nikki then she ever would have from Paul or Pat.

  3. Ruben

    girlfriend loved it

  4. Timothy Lyons

    Excellent video for introducing concealed carry to a loved one. My girlfriend definitely got more out of this video than anything else in my training library thanks to Nikki.

  5. Steven Nunes

    This is an Excellent training video for Ladies; my Girlfriend loved it! Intro to Concealed Carry for Ladies is part 1 of a 3-Part series by Nikki Turpeaux. This video does an excellent job of going over all the basics – She spends considerable time going over different types of Handguns, Ammunition, and Holsters. She also discusses the basic fundamentals of shooting. This video is packed with content – I highly recommend getting the entire series.

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