Make Ready with Tom Yost: IDPA Course Design

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Setting up an IDPA match can be a daunting task. Tom Yost, the NE Regional IDPA Coordinator, reviews IDPA course design, the IDPA Classifier, scenarios, props & targets, roles of the Safety Officers, the IDPA scoring method, and more. Tom has been involved in the shooting industry for over 30 years as a competitor, consultant, and instructor. He has won two IDPA national championships along with numerous regional and state championships in IDPA. Now Tom will help you build the fundamentals for good IDPA match course design.



Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Make Ready with Tom Yost: IDPA Course Design

  1. Levi

    I feel that this is a good DVD for people designing a course or just getting started in IDPA. It has a lot to do with rules and how courses should be approached, so it not only helps someone who is designing. The part that really let me down was the lack of movers being discussed. I really thought this would give more ideas and maybe show them up close so I could replicate them. Kinda short for the price.

  2. Clayton

    This is a great DVD for IDPA but I also felt like I got a lot out of it for my own personal use outside IDPA. This series contains a ton of information & course design that you can use to implement your own course for training outside competitions. I’ve integrated several factors into my personal gun range.

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