Make Ready to Survive – Civil Breakdown

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Civil breakdown… it’s a term you normally associate with what you hear on the evening news about events happening in other places around the world. But the reality is it can happen right in your own city or town with you potentially right in the middle of it all. Instructors Paul Howe, Jim Cobb, Kyle Harth, and N.E. MacDougald review civil unrest and riot planning, assessing the situation, using current technology to plan for the future, martial law, neighborhood defense, beyond basic firearms tactics, survival optics, advanced vehicle setup, when and how to react to riots, load bearing vests and other gear, firearm selection, communication between neighbors, neighborhood defense, military medicine, and more. Being prepared and having a planned course of action should the need arise will help you and your loved ones in dealing with civil breakdown.

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Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Make Ready to Survive – Civil Breakdown

  1. C. Skaggs

    Great basic information for the everyday citizen!

    Some chapters that are covered:
    Civil Unrest and Riot Planning
    Assessing the Situation
    Using Current Technology
    Martial Law
    Survival Optics

  2. c.aker

    Interviews while the speaker we driving was a little disappointing from a production value aspect.

  3. Very useful discussion of civil unrest, rioting, and martial law scenarios and how to prepare for them. Lots of good nuggets and tips – particularly for every day carry, gear, and how to setup your vehicles.


    Excellent information and perspective on planning for this. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

  5. Steven Nunes

    Make Ready to Survive – Civil Breakdown is the 5th video in the Panteao Survival Series. So far each video has covered a bit more than the previous video – reinforcing concepts previously covered before introducing new ones. As far as new things, this video goes into great detail discussing what would happen during a Civil Breakdown, and most importantly how to defend yourself and your home. There is a good discussion of Firearms and also Survival Optics. Neighborhood Defense and communication between neighbors is touched upon. My personal favorite part of this particular video is the section on fortifying your home.

  6. Garrett Weber

    Civil Breakdown is a great video to have if you live in the city or want to be prepared for a breakdown in society. There is a lot of good information here to learn. I really like how it stressed working with neighbors, it sounds cool to be a “Lone Wolf” but in reality it would not work out well. You need to work with others to prepare.

  7. Stephen Brown

    I am really enjoying this Survive series. I like the level headed approach, not crazy or fringe prepper attitudes. Sound advice and well thought out ideas. Civil breakdown is a real possibility and this film addresses the challenges we would face. Highly recommend.

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