Make Ready to Survive – Shelter, Fire, Water

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Shelter, fire, and water are the basic elements of survival and are essential to preserving core body temperature. That is critical to your survival. In this video Dave Canterbury reviews your survival kit resources including making a fire, fire bed and fire lays, three stages of fuel, primitive fire resources, water collection, boiling water, clothing, shelters, and more. Dave Canterbury is a master woodsman with over 20 years of experience working in many dangerous environments. His common sense approach to survivability is recognized as one of the most effective systems of teaching known today. Understanding and knowing how to make a fire, how to secure drinking water, and how to build a shelter are the most important tools in your survival tool chest. This video gets you started down that path.

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Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Make Ready to Survive – Shelter, Fire, Water

  1. Levi

    Great dvd. Very thorough.

  2. Charles Porth

    The man is a fire master. Really good instructor also. I was able to make fire with a magnifying glass based on his instruction. Neat stuff. Coyote well demo was a new one for.
    Quality information. Thanks

  3. David

    Good video covering the basics of fire, water, and shelter. I have spent many months backpacking and found a few useful nuggets and reminders in this video.

  4. Steven Nunes

    This video – Make Ready to Survive – Shelter, Fire, Water is the 9th video in the series. As I have said in my other reviews of this 13 DVD Survival Series Set, it is well worth the investment. This is the second video in the series that features Dave Canterbury. The training focuses specifically on the outdoors component of survival, which is a change from the urban overtones of the earlier videos in the set. Dave Canterbury discusses the three most important aspects of an outdoor survival scenario – Creating Shelter, Building a Fire, and Obtaining Water. A lot of this material expands on the items that Dave talked about in the previous video – Building A Survival Kit. Best of all, this video shows Multiple ways to make a fire. Another solid video filled with outdoors survival skills and knowledge!

  5. C. Skaggs

    Great video.

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