Make Ready with Richard Mann: Defensive Pistol Fundamentals

Runtime: 01hr, 26min
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Defensive Pistol Fundamentals is the perfect place to start if you are new to carrying a pistol for personal defense. Richard Mann takes you through proper stance and grip, presentation from a holster, holster options, ammo selection, sight alignment and trigger pull, carry positions, shooting positions, reloads, shooting while moving, lights and lasers, barricades, strong and support hand only shooting, selecting a handgun for women, and a handful of shooting drills you can practice on your own. Richard Mann is a multiple graduate of Gunsite Academy with a background in both military and law enforcement. Today Richard works as a firearms journalist and consultant and has contributed to every major firearms and hunting periodical. He has also authored numerous books to include, Rifle Bullets for the Hunter, Handgun Training for Personal Protection, Shooters Guide to the AR, Cartridges of the World, Under Orion, and The Scout Rifle Study. Whether you are new to carrying a handgun for self defense or need to brush up on your shooting skills, this is a great video to watch.


Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Make Ready with Richard Mann: Defensive Pistol Fundamentals

  1. Jose Gomez del Castillo

    Very basic info. Not bad, but not something to make me Aha! some of the techniques suggested here are not in use anymore like the Weaver stance. Not satisfied at all. No offense or disrespected intended.

  2. Timothy Lyons

    Not Richard Mann’s best video (his Scout Rifle video was far superior) but discusses several options for defensive shooting. This video is a bit confusing because it’s very focused on the fundamentals, aimed at newer defensive shooters. However, if this is the case, offering several options might not be the most logical choice. For example, Weaver vs. Isosceles stances – both have their advantages and disadvantages but a newer shooter might not know when to use each one.

  3. Peter Gorse

    Solid info in manageable pieces.

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