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The Handgun 101 series is the first place you should start if you are considering purchasing a handgun or are new to firearms in general. Now that you have a clear understanding of how a handgun functions, you have been to the range to practice with your handgun, and secured a concealed carry permit, this is your next step. In this fourth part of the Handgun 101 series, instructor Larry Vickers from LAV Tactical walks you through drawing from a holster, strong hand only shooting, support hand only shooting, turning and shooting, reloading, group diagnostics, and a few drills to further hone your skills. Remember that the Handgun 101 series is not where your education process ends, this is just the beginning. Watch the other Panteao instructional videos that cover handgun training and concealed carry. Take courses from reputable instructors on the proper use of your handgun. The more trigger time you can get, the better and more confident you will be.

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