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Only Hits Count
Practical Firearms Training for Personal Defense

When was the last time you were attacked by a piece of paper with a bull’s-eye printed in the center? Most range training has little relevance for real-life confrontations, when you need every shot to count. Now, world-renowned firearms instructor Louis Awerbuck bridges the gap between defensive shooting fantasy and hard-core reality. Using low-cost targeting systems that actually mimic real-world tactical situations, he guides both beginning and advanced shooters through a firearms course designed to shatter commonly held myths about shot placement, stopping power, shooting on the move and more. He also reveals the truth about multiple-attacker scenarios, shooting from behind a barricade, the proper tactical use of cover and concealment, and little-known aspects of flashlight techniques that can make the difference between lighting and getting “lit up.” This is a hands-on, live-fire wake-up call that is required viewing for anyone who owns a gun and wants to know how to use it properly.

This video was originally produced by Paladin Press and is now presented by Panteao Productions. It is presented in a format preserving the 4:3 aspect ratio of its original standard definition recording.

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