Pistol TAPS Class with Pat McNamara

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Join Pat McNamara for highlights from his Pistol TAPS class that was held at the Panteao facility.

For the complete Pistol TAPS instructional video with Pat Mac, check out Make Ready with Pat McNamara: Pistol TAPS.

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Pistol TAPS Class with Pat McNamara

  1. Branden

    Great class that stresses the fundamentals while providing various methods to measure your improvement. No frills.

  2. Andres Sepulveda

    The Master Sergeant is a subject matter expert that takes away all non sense type stuff and concentrate in developing life saving & practical fundamentals of combat shooting. Thank you Top for teaching and re enforcing these practical knowledge down to us

    Andres G. Sepulveda
    Master Sergeant (Ret.)
    Now at GPD

  3. Ryan Paxton

    Fantastic class. NO BS just real deal truth. Classic Pat Mac

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