Pistol TAPS Class with Pat McNamara

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Join Pat McNamara for highlights from his Pistol TAPS class that was held at the Panteao facility.

For the complete Pistol TAPS instructional video with Pat Mac, check out Make Ready with Pat McNamara: Pistol TAPS.

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Pistol TAPS Class with Pat McNamara

  1. Branden

    Great class that stresses the fundamentals while providing various methods to measure your improvement. No frills.

  2. Andres Sepulveda

    The Master Sergeant is a subject matter expert that takes away all non sense type stuff and concentrate in developing life saving & practical fundamentals of combat shooting. Thank you Top for teaching and re enforcing these practical knowledge down to us

    Andres G. Sepulveda
    Master Sergeant (Ret.)
    Now at GPD

  3. Ryan Paxton

    Fantastic class. NO BS just real deal truth. Classic Pat Mac

  4. Stephen Brown

    Haha Pat always reminds me of Randy Savage aka Macho Man, but he’s legit. He actually has great technique and sound instructional advice. The benefit of watching a WWF promo video on handgun skills is a bonus.

  5. Marcus S

    Fantastic instructional – During my time in the military i have heard that the difference between a good and a great soldier is the application of fundamentals at a very high level. Pats instructional reinforces this…He draws your focus onto the key fundamentals and then gives you tips and techniques on how to apply them and take them to the highest level. There are truly some great pointers in this video that can help a beginner to an advanced shooter. Pats instruction styles is an example of someone who has taught professionals at a very high level – its straight to the point, no bs and as he says performance based..use what works and discard what doesn’t. My shooting has improved immensely from slowing down and focusing on my performance and not being as concerned about the outcome. I cannot recommended this highly enough.

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