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Safe at Home – A Thinking Man’s Guide to Home Defense with Louis Awerbuck

Imagine this scenario: It’s late at night and you and your family are fast asleep in your beds. Everything’s quiet and calm until you hear a crash downstairs. Is it just a burglar looking for an easy snatch-and-grab or a predator with murder on his mind? Do you creep stealthily toward the noise, your trusty shotgun at the ready? What if he has friends? Can you keep your family safe in a firefight? What do you do? In this groundbreaking video production from Paladin Press firearms and security expert Louis Awerbuck gives you the answers to these frightening questions. Awerbuck shows you how to set up a safe room in your home that will keep just about any intruder out, how to evaluate your home tactically, what to do and what not to do when you hear a “bump in the night” and which strategies will guarantee your safety in the event of a home invasion. Using realistic scenarios, Awerbuck also teaches proper weapon selection for home defense, secrets of using reflection and shadow to give you the tactical edge, the realities of tactical movement and more. This videois an absolute necessity for any homeowner.

This video was originally produced by Paladin Press and is now presented by Panteao Productions. It is presented in a format preserving the 4:3 aspect ratio of its original standard definition recording.

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