Make Ready with ISA: Tactical Driving

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The International Security Academy (ISA) has trained our nation’s elite Special Operations Forces from all branches of military service, government agencies and private security firms. ISA staff has decades of experience in presenting a broad array of specialized training in rally driving, ATV riding, SUV and off-road vehicle dynamics. With ISA senior instructors Russ Adler and David “Bryn” Walters, you’re in for one heck of a ride!

They review the basics from hand position, seat position, and vehicle characteristics. More extensive subjects are covered like vehicle dynamics, the driving line, defensive and offensive driving, dealing with obstacles, driving on variable surfaces, the J-turn, Handbrake turn, Pendulum turn, and more. They review pit, pit & pin, ramming, counter steer, crash procedures, and even off road driving. If you ever considered improving your driving skills, this is the best place to start.



Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Make Ready with ISA: Tactical Driving

  1. Levi

    Great dvd for advanced driving techniques.

  2. Clayton

    If you’re an advanced Prepper or gun fighter, this is a must watch series. These teachings could impact your life in so may ways that it’s a must own. You never know when you’re driving skills might be the deal breaker.

  3. Nick_spadaro

    This is the video most likely to save your life on Panteao. We all drive almost every day and these skills are the most relevant to our lifes. I found this instructional video to be filmed very well. They managed to get the many angles needed to truly understand what was going on with the mechanics of the car during different manuevers.

  4. Walter Jennings

    Great topic that is hard to find in other places.

  5. Timothy Lyons

    More likely to use these learnings than anything involving a gun in your life. Definitely an excellent video to learn from, but as usual, live training is even better!

  6. f.hardy7

    Decent vehicle techniques, but I wouldn’t want all of my knowledge from this video.

  7. Steven Nunes

    This video – Make Ready with ISA – Tactical Driving is the only Vehicle Operations Training Video that I have come across and is a must-have for you video training library. The Instructors, Russ Adler and David Walters have trained operators from all branches of the military and their expertise really shows. In this video they demonstrate Rally Driving, PIT Maneuvers, and Defensive and Offensive Tactics.

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