Make Ready with Richard Mann: The Scout Rifle Study

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The Scout Rifle, as conceived by Jeff Cooper, is one of the most misunderstood firearms of all time. The Scout Rifle Study examines the factors that influenced Cooper’s Scout Rifle Concept, examines the practicality of the Scout Rifle, looks at the various attempts to achieve Scout Rifle nirvana, and explores the feasibility of the Scout Rifle in the modern world. Whether you’re already a Scout Rifle enthusiast or if you’re considering a Scout Rifle for the first time, The Scout Rifle Study is the ultimate guide to what many believe is a rifle that can do everything well or possibly, the only rifle you will ever need.

Richard Mann is a multiple graduate of Gunsite Academy with a background in both military and law enforcement. Today Richard works as a firearms journalist and consultant, and has contributed to every major firearms and hunting periodical. He has also authored numerous books to include, Rifle Bullets for the Hunter, Handgun Training for Personal Protection, Shooters Guide to the AR, Cartridges of the World, Under Orion, and The Scout Rifle Study, of which this video is based on.


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2 reviews for Make Ready with Richard Mann: The Scout Rifle Study

  1. Timothy Lyons

    Richard Mann does an excellent job of describing a scout rifle as laid out by Col. Jeff Cooper and explains the purpose of each requirement. Likewise, Mann shows the viewer several scout rifles currently on the market. For those who want to be successful with a scout rifle, this is a must watch!

  2. Stephen Brown

    Prior to watching this video I was unfamiliar with the Scout Rifle concept. After watching it, I must say I’d sure like one! Very cool description, breakdown, and explanation. In an AR world, this is a welcome variation.

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