Make Ready with Travis Haley: Adaptive Carbine

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Renowned Special Operations veteran Travis Haley takes the viewer through a complete breakdown of the fundamentals of building a shooting platform. Adaptive Carbine training is the first and most crucial step toward increasing a shooter’s survivability. The basis comes from the history and evolution of weapons manipulation in disruptive environments and the adaption of disruptive technologies. Understanding these disruptions, keeping an open mindset and avoiding negative training inertias are necessities for the modern shooting lifestyle.


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3 reviews for Make Ready with Travis Haley: Adaptive Carbine

  1. Ela Tingelstad

    Excellent training video. Very concise and down-to-earth.
    It contains good review of fundamentals and lots of detailed pointers to fine-tune your carbine manipulations. Both beginners and advanced shooters can benefit from this video. Haley is very practical and straight to the point – he explains why certain techniques matter in tactical shooting, but doesn’t waste your time.
    For example, instead of theoretical bullet trajectories, Haley discusses practical aspects of zeroing your rifle and presented POA/POI differences in terms of “center mass” / “headshot” / “gutshot” or “hit in the knees”. It’s a great, simplified approach, super-easy to remember and apply in high-stress situation.

  2. Steven Nunes

    This video, along with Travis Haley’s Adaptive Handgun video provide excellent instruction to beginning and intermediate shooters alike. A lot of the great material that was presented in the Magpul Dynamics series of videos is in this video along with new material as well. The section on zeroing your battle rifle is especially helpful.

  3. brandon talley

    Great video! Travis Haley is a great instructor and will give you valuable information. gained through experience.

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