Make Ready with Travis Haley: Adaptive Handgun

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Adaptive, efficient and effective. Special Operations Veteran Travis Haley delivers a modern handgun fighting program for military, government contractors, law enforcement officers, responsible armed citizens and competitors built around mindset and skill. Fundamental mechanics are broken down to granular levels, demonstrated and explained, giving students a deeper understanding of what the body does under stress. Bringing together knowledge, skill and survivability to find and overcome failure points, building true problem solvers that can react to dynamic situations.


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3 reviews for Make Ready with Travis Haley: Adaptive Handgun

  1. Ela Tingelstad

    If you’ve enjoyed any of the Magpul Dynamics videos, you’ll love this one. Haley’s Adaptive series somewhat mirrors Magpul’s content, but with significant improvements.
    While Magpul concentrated a lot on the shooters (both students and instructors), Haley’s training is pure, solid and expanded instruction. Great focus on tactical aspects of shooting and why certain techniques matter in combat shooting. Good, detailed explanations of the fundamentals. You’ll learn a lot whether you’re a beginner or more advanced shooter.
    I’d make a special note on trigger press presentation. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video that would explain it so well.

  2. Steven Nunes

    A solid video on Handgun Operational Tactics and Procedures from one of the best video trainers of all time. I really liked the Magpul Dynamics training videos and this video is just as good! Travis Haley is a SuperStar!!

  3. brandon talley

    Travis Haley is a great instructor and will give you valuable information. gained through experience.

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