Make Ready with Paul Howe: Vehicle Defense

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Unless you ride a subway or bicycle to work, odds are you find yourself in a vehicle pretty often. Most likely every day of the week. That said, if you carry a firearm, how would you defend yourself from a vehicle? We got you covered with this video from Paul Howe.

Paul is a high-risk training instructor that served 20 years in the US Army, ten of those in Special Operations. He served as a Tactical Team Leader and Senior Instructor while assigned to Army Special Operations. During his tour in special operations he was involved in several combat actions. One of the most notable was the battle of Mogadishu that was later portrayed in the motion picture Black Hawk Down.

In this video, Paul takes you through shooting from both the inside and outside of a vehicle, moving around vehicles, skipping rounds off a vehicle and under it, dealing with moving targets, and more. Paul also goes over flat range drills that will help you fine tune your skills. Time is critical when you are confined in your car or truck. With this video you will be much better prepared.



Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Make Ready with Paul Howe: Vehicle Defense

  1. Levi

    The content of this DVD is great. However has excellent videos. It is fairly short though…a little over an hour. Panteao doesn’t list the run times of their DVDs, and this is probably why…most people aren’t going to pay $40 for an hour.

  2. Clayton

    This is almost identical to the training we received from Paul & his staff when we attended his range in Nacogdoches. I use this series as a recap every spring when I gear up my vehicle training.

  3. Seppo

    My expectations towards this film were high, as the subject is interesting and Howe has a good reputation as an instructor. I was disappointed, however, as the presentation of the material was not very thorough.

    For example, the subject of firing through the car door was handled by firing only one shot, total. I realize that there is a limit on how many vehicles you can use as a target, but I have seen other films that put more holes in a vehicle in a film like this.

    Luckily, when bouncing rounds off the vehicle, Howe puts more effort to it. He makes a strong case of not crowding the cover because of richocets, but fails to realize that the further away you are from the cover, the less you are in cover from any other direction except directly to the front.

    Also, there are some interesting pointers made that I have not seen other instructors covering. One of those is bouncing the rounds off the pavement when shooting under the vehicle.

    Howe does not like urban prone, and justifies his opinion by placing two targets lying alongside the vehicle and bouncing bullets from the ground. But the way I have seen the urban prone taught is that one uses the wheels as cover and lies perpendicular to the vehicle, therefore keeping behind cover.

    To sum it up, the film is solid one, but not great. It could have been a bit longer and more in-depth, also. The biggest downside in my opinion is that while there usually are at least two sides to a story, Howe usually presents only the facts that favour his preferred way of doing things. As a firearms instructor myself, I like to present the good and bad from every technique I teach to my students, and let them make an educated decision themselves.

  4. Ruben

    I highly agree with Seppo in the respect that Howe does not always present all sides of the story. That being said, I do agree with most of his theory and training development. I would recommend watching Aaron Barruga’s video regarding the same subject and take what you like and what you don’t from both.

  5. Larry Jackson Jr.

    Legally carrying a firearm for personal protection for yourself and family and not having skills to use a firearm inside a vehicle equals death. Buy this video!

  6. Nick Dubuque

    Good points from Paul on vehicle considerations. I would also recommend watching Aaron Barruga’s video regarding the same subject and take what you like and what you don’t from both.

  7. Steven Nunes

    This video – Make Ready with Paul Howe – Vehicle Defense is one of Ten ExcellentTraining videos offered by Panteao Productions and featuring Instructor Paul Howe. This is only one of three videos that I have come across dealing with the topic of Vehicle Defense. There is a lot of Great Material included in this DVD – Shooting Positions inside and outside the vehicle, the Ballistics Effects of Bullets vs Car Doors, Windshield Glass, etc. This video will be a solid addition to your Video Library.

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