Make Ready with Tony Blauer: Weapon Protection Principles

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The SPEAR System utilizes the speed and reliability of the startle-flinch mechanism to convert the sudden attack into a tactical counter. It is a bridge between the reactive brain and the cognitive brain. This improves reaction time during a confrontation. Tony Blauer is the founder and CEO of BLAUER TACTICAL SYSTEMS and the creator of the SPEAR System. Tony has pioneered research and training methodologies that have influenced and inspired martial art & combative systems around the world. This video builds upon the content from Tony’s previous title, “The SPEAR System”, and covers the 3 Cs, weapon target identification drills, clear and control drills, grip from hell drills, controlling the armed limb, stance, balance, movement, common positions, and more. Whether you’re in the military, law enforcement, or are a civilian, this video is for you.

“We ‘hacked’ the self-defense process by integrating a DNA level survival response with modern principles of physiology, physics and psychology”
— Coach Tony Blauer

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Make Ready with Tony Blauer: Weapon Protection Principles

  1. Ruben

    Great instructional video and something anyone who carries on a regular basis should watch. In combination with the intro to the SPEAR video, you have all the tools to develop a formidable self defense system. I would advise watching the SPEAR video first, then video, then the rest of the gun related videos. There is no substitute for the right mindset and right empty hand training. It will serve you well in all other arenas. Awesome video!!

  2. Justin Doherty

    Great video, I just wish that it addressed more dynamic knife attacks instead of static “hold up” type attacks.

  3. Timothy Lyons

    Both entertaining and informative. Tony Blauer provides insight to these fights such as feigning surprise instead of telegraphic confidence, and getting the attacker caught off guard. While other similar videos teach disarmament from static positions, this system appears to be more dynamic.

    As usual, the video is no match for actual training, but this provides additional insight into another system of self defense.

  4. Tomas Hana

    Great content. Simple universal principles of defense against knife or gun threats. Coach Blauer is great as always. A must for anybody interested in selfdefense.

  5. Steven Nunes

    This video, Make Ready with Tony Blauer – Weapon Protection Principles is the second video in the series featuring Tony Blauer. This video and its predecessor are the only two hand-to-hand combat videos produced by Panteao Productions so far, so this makes them especially unique in that respect. This video picks up right where the second video leaves off and focuses on several scenarios where the attacker is armed. Once again, Tony Blauer demonstrates how his Spear System can be used to defend against these types of attacks. Another Solid training video from Panteao Productions!

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