WILDCraft: West of Somewhere

WILDCraft: West of Somewhere takes the viewer along for a journey of a lifetime with a group of writers where the hunt is only a part of the story. Gun Digest Editor-in-Chief Luke Hartle joins up with outdoor writers Richard Mann and Len Waldron and the legendary outdoor writer and hunter Ron Spomer. The cast prepare for their adventure at the FTW Ranch where they receive training and dial in their gear for the hunt. From there they start their overland journey, driving across Texas loaded with their gear to their hunting destination. Once they arrive, they explore the rugged and picturesque terrain of West Texas with off-road vehicles and test their skills on a poor-man’s sheep hunt in pursuit of free-range aoudad—Barbary sheep. Special guest appearance by Sheriff Jim Wilson.

Episode 1: Prep Time at FTW Ranch

Ron and Len meet up with Richard and Luke at the FTW Ranch after making a stop at Warriors Heart. Together the team get some training from the instructors at FTW while also having a chance to play before their long road trip across Texas.

Episode 2: Road Trip

The team get in their trucks hauling their off-road trailers and set off to the final hunting spot just outside of Marfa, Texas. The cast talk about their previous hunts and what is in store for them this time around.

Episode 3: Off Road Fun

After arriving at the ranch in southwestern Texas, the team drive off road to their final camping spot to set up their camp and prepare for their hunt. They also learn the story of a bourbon they have a chance to try at camp.

Episode 4: The Hunt is On

The hunt starts with high expectations for Len and the team. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned for Len during his hunt.

Episode 5: The Elusive Aoudad

The hunt continues with the team seeking out that big aoudad. Luke is finally able to get his chance at taking an aoudad while Len has a chance to redeem himself after his previous attempts didn’t work out.

Episode 6: The Best Laid Plans

The day starts off well with hunting, Luke preparing his special aoudad recipe, and Ron finally has success. But everything changes in a direction no one expected.

Episode 7: West of Somewhere

All good things must come to an end and in this episode, the cast wrap up their adventure. They have a chance to meet with a team from the US Border Patrol and Sheriff Jim Wilson stops by their camp to hear about their adventure.

Episode 8: The Making of WILDCraft: West of Somewhere

Making a show about hunting is not all fun and games. We take you behind the scenes to see what it takes to film hunters in conditions not well suited for filming.

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