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Carry/Pull Strength-Work Capacity

Walk, Run or Bike 5 min
General ROM

A. 3 Rounds AFAP
15 Meter Farmers Carry
6 Assisted Pull-ups or BTOR w/ DBs
6 Burpees

B. 20-minute flow, moving 1:00 in each movement (unless otherwise stated) at an easy pace.
Bear crawl
Cat-cow – 15 reps
Third world squat
Hollow rock
Walking lunge to Sampson stretch – 8 each side
Hand-to-hand on pull-up bar 10-12 reps
Waiters walk – Suitcase carry

Mobility: General

What you need for the workout:
• Dumbbell or kettlebell

Workout Goals:
To blueprint proper movement patterns and to build work capacity and trunk strength.


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