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Sandbag Tabata-Metcon

Walk, Run or Bike 5 min
Dynamic Range of Motion (ROM)

A. Tabata :20 Work/:10 Rest
1. Sandbag Squat Clean/S2S-Sandbag Push-press 2:00
2.Burpee-over-Sandbag/Center Mass Bell Sit-up 2:00
*If 4:00 is easy, repeat this protocol one, two or more as capable.
*A sandbag may be used in place of a Center Mass Bell. Place Sandbag shoulder for Sandbag sit-ups.

Mobility: General

What you need for the workout:
• Sandbag, kettlebell, dumbbell or rock
• Pull-up bar
• Markers for sprints

Workout Goals:
To build work capacity under external resistance to challenge body structure and position through full ranges of motion.


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