Prepping… a term that conjures up thoughts of television shows about extreme folks building moats around their homes, burying large caches of supplies, and waiting for the “big one” or “end of time” to come. But the reality is every year we do face catastrophes and localized events. Whether they are man-made occurrences, severe weather conditions, or civil unrest, things do happen. How many times have you found yourself with no power because of a small storm and you were unprepared? If your answer is even just one time that it occurred to you, that’s one time too many. With proper planning, you can be prepared for the majority of events that can occur in your area.

The Make Ready to Survive Series is not intended to be entertainment. The videos are tutorials that help you and your family to be in a position where, if an event does occur, you will be able to handle that event and get through it with as little impact to you or your loved ones as possible.

Whether you live in the heart of the city, on the outskirts in a quiet neighborhood, or out on a farm, we show you techniques that are critical for survival, review gear and supplies to have on hand, and all aspects of proper planning. Most importantly, the videos will bring you peace of mind.


One video could not cover all of this content, so we broke it down into several DVD titles, each covering different subject matter and types of occurrences. We review the gear you need, what to keep on hand, preparing for short term events, medium length events, and worst case catastrophes. Whether it’s a short term power outage lasting a day or a major catastrophe that severely impacts your area, we have a DVD title to cover it.

Survival Series Instructors

Kyle Harth
Paul Howe
Robert Himber

With the Make Ready to Survive series, five instructors, each with his own different background and areas of expertise, walk you through the various aspects of being prepared. Whether it’s a skillset, proper mindset, or gear you need, they cover it all in detail.