Make Ready with Pat McNamara: Carbine TAPS

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Pat McNamara (Mac) has 22 years of Special Operations experience, 13 of which were in 1st SFOD-D. He has extensive experience in hostile fire/combat zones in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. He trains individuals at basic and advanced levels of marksmanship and combat tactics. With Carbine TAPS (Tactical Application of Practical Shooting), Mac introduces you to his performance based training methodology. He reviews carbine setup, the basics of rifle marksmanship, discovery learning, malfunctions, use of cover, moving with a rifle, the four shooting positions, his Bilateral drill, the Grid of Fire drill, the Grinder, the Turn and Burn, the Blaze X drill and more. Join Mac with Carbine TAPS and get your blaze on!

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Reviews (13)

13 reviews for Make Ready with Pat McNamara: Carbine TAPS

  1. David Garrett

    This is a great video. Mr. McNamara does an excellent job of packing this video full of practical, easy to understand information. He goes through and breaks things down in a manner that is both scientific and thorough, but still relates the information in a way that a novice would be able to understand.

    The thing I enjoyed the most about these videos were all of the drills offered. I can’t tell you how many videos I’ve watched that, while full of good information, they DID NOT have ANY drills. What?!? Seriously? Well, none of that here. There are several high quality drills that are not only challenging but very practical to boot.

    This is a good buy. As stated, you get all of the basic info a novice could want, but you also get stuff that you can go and work on, on your own. And you get that all on one video, taught by an intelligent guy who’s been there and done that.

  2. Joseph

    This video is generally not like the others in Panteao’s line up. This video was highly watchable, and it provided a substantial entertainment value. The information was not present in a dry manner at all.

    Pat Mac created his TAPS (tactical applications of practical shooting) program to be asymmetrical. He starts with a fundamental basis: safety. From there he covered basic rifle marksmanship, different positions of shooting, the application of cover. The program then included useful drills that utilized movement and thought to give meaningful, not mindless, repetitions to standardized actions (reloading, integrating use of the safety switch, moving, using cover, switching from strong side to the new strong side).

    Why did he do this? Because this isn’t your dad’s training DVD. The purpose of the program is to get individuals to think about how and why to do what they do. Case in point: he said that too many instructors talk about not being too close to cover because they are more concerned about incoming rounds rather than outgoing rounds.

    This is a very good video. I bought it to see if I wanted to take a class with Pat Mac; I will be. It was well worth the money.

  3. Arram

    Pat is a great resource. He is very direct and matter of fact.One thing that sets this DVD apart from some others, is that he goes thought a lot of drills that turn out to be nice tactical workouts.
    Great DVD.

  4. Curtis Levin

    Highly watchable and enjoyable. I especially like the way he covered malfunctions by breaking them down into what exactly happens at each step of the process. He presents his material in a way that makes it stick. Pay careful attention to what he says about tightening the groups up. Solid info.

  5. Justin

    Very informative and also very entertaining. Pat certainly breaks the mold on training videos by packing lots of valuable information into concise drills and conversation. Even though there are many skills to be learned in this video, just watching it for Pat Mac entertainment value is worth the price of admission.

  6. Michael

    Funny, articulate, and approaches his profession like an artist, not a robot. Pat is not afraid to call BS on certain widely accepted practices, and teach outside the box. His videos and written works are full of practical knowledge and drills. Hands down, he is my favorite instructor, and I hope he makes more videos with Panteao.

  7. Ruben

    Pat Mac is a god. The video seems to be more geared towards instructors who want to develop a strong training program, however just as a civilian shooter it will also provide you with a good base to start training and develop real skill with a carbine. The drills offered here are top of the line, and arguably some of the best available by Panteao. Probably one of my top 5 videos on this site.

  8. Jason

    This was a great video. I loved the train the trainer sort of format as well as some great tips Pat has sprinkled throughout the video. His presentation and intensity is second to none.

  9. Daniel Warner

    This video is a great resource for self-development as well as training program development. Within a month I was able to implement each of the different malfunction reductions that he covers, and have seen tremendous success running the shooting drills he outlines.

  10. Larry Jackson Jr.

    This video presentation is very informative related to the field of using a rifle for self defense. Some of these drills can be used in a conventional gun range, while others need a range that will allow dynamic movement while firing a weapon at the same time. Great video!

  11. brandon talley

    Pat is a great instructor! Great video!

  12. f.hardy7

    Absolute mad lad with great drills.

  13. Nick Dubuque

    One of the best teachers out there. This video gets straight to the point, no extra blah blah, no fluff just the meat and potatoes. If you get a to train with him, go for with out hesitation.

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