Louis Awerbuck

Behind The Scene : Louis Awerbuck

_0839__0011s_0031_Cameras ready
_0838__0011s_0030_Contoured targets
DSC_0029 [1024x768]
DSC_0057 [1024x768]
DSC_0563 [1024x768]
Greg and Louis [1024x768]
Jay and Greg [1024x768]
Louis and Fernando figuring out whats next [1024x768]
Louis setting up the targets [1024x768]
Rick getting cozy with a target [1024x768]
_0816__0011s_0008_Setting up another shot
Setting up the next shot [1024x768]
_0814__0011s_0006_Sound man in action
Taking notes [1024x768]
The director directing [1024x768]
Time for some shade [1024x768]
Tracy running slate [1024x768]
_0809__0011s_0001_Whats the next shot
_0808__0011s_0000_Wide shot and Short shot
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