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Ken Stretz

Ken Stretz is the Owner of Stretz Tactical Inc. & is a 24 year veteran New York Police Officer. Ken worked for several agencies from NYPD to State, County & local agencies. He worked in a variety of capacities including SWAT, Firearms Instructor, armorer, Presidential security & under cover prostitution details. Ken is also a 9 ½ veteran of the US Army Reserve & National Guard. He served in both a communications support MOS in 11th Special Forces & as an MP in the 442nd & 812th MP companies. Ken was personally involved in a line of duty shooting & in a separate incident just a few feet away from another officer who was forced to shoot. He has responded to numerous shootings & has also been directly involved in numerous encounters with armed suspects, which were successfully resolved without any shots being fired. Ken merges these experiences & an extensive training background as a student, into curriculum that enhances his student’s skills & survivability.

Stretz Tactical Inc. is a mobile firearms training company with experience training: actors, stunt performers, civilians, law enforcement, military & security professionals. Ken also has experience in technical advising & on set armorer work for TV & Film.

For more information, go to, also on Instagram, facebook & youtube – @Stretztactical

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